The Tools of GogoPDF: 3 Ways of Processing Your PDFs

There are many times that we are frustrated when it comes to handling multiple PDFs. Why? It’s because we don’t know what tools to use in adding watermark, numbering the pages in a PDF, or deleting some pages from a document. If that’s your case, we will provide the right tools to solve your problem. You only need to access the website and learn the processes.

Add Watermark

Videos, pictures, or even sensitive files are some of the things that can be easily uploaded and go viral on the web in a blink of an eye in the technological world we are living in today. When you upload something on the internet, it becomes pretty hard to take ownership of what’s yours, not unless you put your name or add a watermark on all the files. If you think, is it indispensable? Then the answer is yes. It means protecting your files and letting everyone know what is yours. You have to keep it from people, especially those thirsty for essential things for their good.

Without you putting or adding a watermark on your essential digital files, particularly to your PDF files that are sensitive and confidential, then they can be easily claimed or stolen by unauthorized individuals. If you’re scared that it might happen to you, start the action and secure your PDFs immediately with the GogoPDFs feature tool, the Add Watermark. The tool will let you pick whether you wish to add an image or text watermark, and you’re free to decide where particularly in the PDF, you want to place it. You’ll be grateful you’ve learned about this tool after this. And so, here’s a guide to add watermark to PDF effortlessly:

  1. Choose the PDF file that you need to add a watermark on from your devices and upload it to the website.
  2. Add your desired text or image watermark, and after that, place it in the spot you choose. Be sure that it’s visible.
  3. After you finish adding and placing the watermark, the system will straightaway start the process.
  4. The process is complete and ready. Download the file immediately.

Number Pages

Adding page numbers into your documents makes them look more organized. Numbers will help highlight your projects or reports’ primary contents, so it’s essential to use them. Also, numbered contents are really quick and easy to follow in a pool of words.

To achieve that, you need to use the “Number Pages” tool of GogoPDF. It will efficiently help you add numbers to your PDFs pages instantly and correctly. Page numbering is a straightforward process to make your PDF files look more presentable and professional. Operating the tool is actually pretty easy. You only need to follow the instructions below:

  1. Get your PDF file and upload it to the site. You can also execute the drag and drop technique.
  2. Pick where you want to place the page numbers. Click the button to proceed to the process.
  3. After that, wait while the system completes the process entirely.
  4. You can download or send your file to your email.

Delete PDF Pages

Decluttering is a task that consumes a lot of time. Nobody likes it, but it’s something we must do every day. No matter how hard we avoid it, a messy place will hinder you if you wish to find something. If you urgently need to get or delete PDF pages from a file, you need something to do the process quickly. Deleting some pages of a PDF is important for employees and students.

If you’re searching for the best online tool to delete PDF pages, this article will provide you that. This GogoPDF feature can quickly delete any unimportant pages from your PDF, and the process can be done in under a minute. Removing one or multiple pages is a hassle task if you do it manually, and that’s precisely the reason why GogoPDF has developed this tool. If you wish to know the straightforward process, follow these simple steps:

  1. Get the PDF file from your computer or drag it into GogoPDF’s conversion toolbox.
  2. After you upload the PDF, choose the pages you need to remove.
  3. Apply the change to your file.
  4. Users can start downloading the edited PDF document or share it on social media sites.


To remove any hassle in your life when organizing PDFs, use the best tool in converting them. These tools from GogoPDF is capable of making your life easier, and it’s also free to use.

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