5 Tips for your YouTube channel’s ranking

Who among us has not wasted hours on the internet browning YouTube videos? It is no surprise that it is one the largest video sharing sites on the internet with 5 hours of video content being uploaded every second. Obviously, competition between content creators is fierce. If you have ever contemplated ways you can improve your channel to stand out between your rivals, keep reading.

In this article we present you steps to improve your channel’s ranking on YouTube and increase traffic, getting more people to watch your videos. Alternatively, you can also buy YouTube watch hours.

First tip: Get a Premium Domain

Start improving your YouTube channel by getting a simple and easy-to-remember link for your followers, as this will increase the number of times they visit your channel.

This will help you raise your channel’s ranking. To get an easy-to-remember domain , a channel must be at least 30 days old and there must be more than 500 subscribers to your channel.

Second tip: Link your channel to your website.

In the channel settings look for the field named associated website and connect your website to a channel by typing your website address in.

 This field, in this way, increases the reliability of your channel and the brand you represent on your channel and site, which helps improve your channel’s ranking on YouTube.

 Third tip: improve your channel’s home page.

It is very important that you build the home page on your site correctly. Put the keywords that you target on your channel in the channel description.

Put the link of your site on the main page of the channel, also put the links for social media also on the main page of the channel,

Use the “Featured video” feature to enable automatic video playback. When a visitor logs onto your channel, it is recommended that you create an introductory video.

You welcome your channel visitors and tell them about the things that make your channel distinct from the rest of the channels and then convert them to the most popular videos, create lists

Operation to make it easier for visitors to browse the videos on your channel, to ensure the highest interaction from the visitor.

Fourth tip: watch the video time.

In 2012, YouTube made an important update on its search engine, as the time in which a video was played became an important factor in ranking in

Search results, before this update the number of video views was the main factor in ranking in the search results, but after 2012 it became the operating time.

The video is a very important factor in determining the arrangement, as the video that the user watches for a long time before clicking on another place gets a better rating

Before YouTube, so if you are seeking to improve the ranking of your YouTube channel, you must ensure that your clips are of high quality and illustrated in a manner that pays the visitor to watch the clip for as long as possible, the duration is now a very important factor in improving the ranking.

Fifth tip: write the title and description correctly for the videos.

If you are interested in the world of SEO, you must be aware of the great role that the title and description play in improving your site’s ranking in the search results.

YouTube is the same, the title is your portal to talk to the user and the search engine, use the keywords in your title moderately to increase its value.  

In the eyes of the YouTube search engine, use a catchy title that explains the content of the video to grab the user’s attention. The description of the video is the next thing that the user will read if you succeed in attracting their attention through the title, explain to the user the content of the video they are watching.

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