5 Tips On Choosing an App Development Company

Smartphones have become a crucial part of our daily lives, it’s a fact. Almost 80% of the world’s population owns a smartphone nowadays. About 90% of their time, users spend on mobile applications. It doesn’t matter whether that’s a game, a native application based on the system’s unique features, a calendar, or a social media platform.

That means users prefer to find dedicated applications for any of their needs. It’s absolutely logical, as accessing everything from the browser isn’t really the best idea. And don’t forget that just like on desktop platforms, most of the features are implemented in a program you have to download.

So, today’s market conditions say that every business simply must have a mobile application. Otherwise, the customers will choose a rival company that does have one, as it simplifies the customer experience and enhances the quality of the service. Provided the program was developed by professionals and is maintained on a decent level, of course.

But how does one start getting into mobile app development? Do you really have to learn everything yourself or create dedicated departments? Don’t worry, there are specialized services for everything today, and app creation isn’t an exception. There are many custom mobile app development services on the market. They are professionals who are dedicated to turning customer’s app ideas into reality.

5 Tips On Choosing an App Development Company

This area of on-demand program creation has been around for a while. But it’s been only a few years since it has really started gaining popularity. That’s because of the increased demand for outsourcing services in general. Yes, such a mobile app development company can be hired not only for a single program but for operating certain processes or managing accounts.

Yet, choosing the right company for your programming needs is also a hard task itself. There are a lot of factors that should be taken into consideration, as there are many potential risks. It could be either a start of a great long-term business relationship or a disappointing experience and a waste of resources.

To help business owners with this matter, we created a list of 5 tips on choosing such a service.

User Feedback

The first and the easiest thing you should check is the user reviews and overall feedback. There are lots of platforms where you can find them. For example, Google and Facebook have dedicated reviews pages for each company. Start with it, and read through the most detailed ones.

It will shape your very basic understanding of the company’s quality of service. Right, reviews aren’t always 100% true and some of them are even paid. But in most cases, you’ll find really good stories of user experience and realize whether this company is even worth your time.

Contact Clients

Many companies provide a list of their clients and partners. Start from there, or use social media to find people who have used these services. This is the best way to get feedback about the business, as asking directly is the best way to get true and precise information about the quality.

Also, it can show whether the reviews and the reputation of a company are deserved and not bought. If all customers mention a negative experience but all the reviews and feedback on the internet are positive, something is wrong here. Omit such services, as they’re fraudulent and involve illegal activities like scamming.

Find a Portfolio

All the top-level businesses on this market have public portfolios. Looking through them and analyzing all the tiny details will provide you with a very good image of the company’s services and their quality. Some of them can even have very famous projects in their portfolios, which is obviously a good sign.

If you cannot find it on their website, try inquiring about the service directly. Because if the company refuses to give you their portfolio, there must be a reason for that. Usually, it can be either the lack of completed projects if the company is new or the poor quality of those. In both cases, it’s a bad sign. It’s a much safer option to only trust the ones that have public portfolios.

5 Tips On Choosing an App Development Company

Do a Test Drive

To understand how the car handles, one must drive it, right? Listening to all the specifics and unique features of it is good but worthless if you can’t confirm it yourself. The same goes for app development services. Contact the companies you’ve chosen and provide them with test tasks.

While they’re busy with it, gather a group of testers. One can even hire professional testers from a third-party company that will give you full and detailed feedback. After the application is ready, test it as much as you can, and listen to what testers say. This is the best way to see for yourself which service perfectly suits your needs and has the best quality.

Maintenance and Support

Creating an application is important, but supporting it, fixing the bugs, and upgrading it when the time comes are also crucial factors. This is what many clients forget about. They only consider the service’s quality of the product and reputation. Remember, one should look not for a single-time purchase from a random company, but a trustable business that is interested in you as a client, and will do their best to form long-term relationships.

Ask them how long the support will last and which of these are included in the price:

  • scaling
  • upgrades
  • bug/issue fixing
  • regular maintenance
  • regular reports
  • maintaining the security
  • eliminating breaches

Of course, no service will maintain your application forever for free, but their terms should be clear and include all these points. They must provide them on the basis of regular payment. The best companies on the market will even service the app free of charge for some time (usually 2-3 months since the release).

Wrapping It Up

As you can see, choosing the right development service is a time-consuming and nerve-racking task. But there’s just no other way to find out whether the company suits your needs and will deliver the promised quality. You don’t want to waste resources on an unworthy piece of code, do you? So, always do deep research and you’ll be safe. Good luck!

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