Tips and Tricks to Attract More Customers to Your Store

Store walk-ins are more important than ever. The more customers inside your store, the better. However, in an age where most high streets are saturated with different stores, it can be hard to attract customers to come inside your store — especially if you’re a small business.

Don’t worry, though, because the tips and tricks in this guide are going to get those customers walking through your doors like there’s no tomorrow. Whether you’re a clothes shop or a fast-growing café, you won’t want to miss a detail.

Select the Best Background Music

When it comes to attracting customers, many business owners make the fatal mistake of forgetting about background music.

For decades, businesses have been using background music to attract customers to their stores and provide them with a pleasurable in-store shopping experience. The reason for this is simple: background music is effective.

From helping customers to relax to creating a more vibrant atmosphere, the power of background music is endless. Therefore, it should be at the top of your store’s to-do list this year. Make no doubt about it; you need background music for your business.

So, where should you start? Checking out the ultimate guide to background music for businesses can help with this. It contains all of the information you need, from insider tips to music licensing information that will protect you from getting any potential fines.

Use Eye-Catching Store Signs

The modern customer needs incentivizing in order for them to step inside your store — simple.

One of the best ways to do this is through eye-catching store signs that promote your latest deals and best products. The more attractive the signs are, the more likely they are to be noticed.

For example, if you have a special discount on a high-selling product that you offer, this should be promoted across the storefront. 

Offer Modern Payment Methods

These days, most successful stores allow customers to pay using modern payment methods.

Some of the most popular examples here include Apple Pay and Google Pay, which are both big hits with younger customers. If customers can see that you accept these payment methods, they’ll automatically feel more inclined to step inside your store and see what products you have to offer.

Notify the Media About Up-Coming Events

Whenever you have a big event coming up, such as a huge in-store sale, then you should let local media outlets know about this. When combined with social media promotion, you’re almost guaranteed to get some traction and see lots of customers come to your store.

Offer Special Deals That Can’t Be Accessed Online

As great as online shopping is, some deals simply can’t be offered online.

For example, free drinks and samples can’t be given over the internet. Instead, they can only be offered in-store.

Knowing this, special deals that are only available in-store are another great way to attract more customers to your brick-and-mortar establishment. After all, it’s just as important to sell products in-store as it is online.


Use the above-mentioned tips and tricks in order to attract more customers to your store in 2023. From selecting the best background music to offering modern payment methods, it’s important to tick every box. Once you do, you can turn your store into the place where everyone wants to be.

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