The Importance of the Telephone Interpreting Service

Importance of the Telephone Interpreting

The telephone interpreting service is crucial for companies but, paradoxically, it is not usually offered in traditional translation companies. It consists of a three-way call where the interpreter mediates between the client who hires the service and the receiver of the call.

In today’s globalized world this service is vital for all companies. This does not only apply to companies that export. Any company with contacts abroad or wishing to internationalize or expand will end up rendering accounts with subsidiaries or suppliers. There are also many manufacturers abroad and therefore, the company must deal with the communication if it does not have native staff in its workforce.

The Importance of Telephone Interpreting

The opening of borders and online sales means that, in a single week, we can have clients from several different languages. It is very complicated to have on the staff with workers who can translate and speak with all those clients fluently. Sometimes communication by email is not enough when you want to clarify a delicate nuance about a contract.

The negotiation of an order or any other topic that can be aired much better through the dynamism of a conversation. In a conversation, the present prevails and not the statism and asynchronism of emails. An email allows one of the parties to leave the process stopped for days. This decreases the interest that one of the parties may feel for the agreement. In addition, the tone of the conversation cannot always be understood in an email. Nor can enough details be given that can be given over the phone.

Sometimes the difference between achieving the award of an important contract and not achieving it lies in simple telephone contact. This is summarized in that a company without native personnel in the vehicle language can be a strong drag.

In conversations to three, a very specific order is usually carried out in which the translator acts as a link between both parties. In this way, interested parties can discuss all the details of a possible agreement immediately.

Behind the Phone, the Human Being

A translation agency such as proposes outsourcing of this communicative situation by the hand of its best qualified native translators. It does not matter the subject area of ​​the conversation or the language in which the conference takes place. 

Online Translators have the native translators of the most used languages ​​in international trade. We master a large number of languages ​​(English, French, German, Chinese, Russian …) and we are specialized in the most diverse topics. A professional translator can handle any conversation. Once the context of the conversation is known, the translator can do his job without problems.

The telephone interpreting process is very simple. The technical means as simple as a telephone and a call to three. In this case, the client speaks in Spanish what he wants the interpreter to communicate in his native language and he transmits it to the receiver of the call.

Thus, the telephone interpreter knows exactly what the client wants to express. In addition, the recipient receives the most accurate information in their native language, which avoids misunderstandings. Nor will it give rise to misinterpretations and gaps in the act of interpersonal communication.

The most important thing is that there is no machine on the other side of the device. The value of a qualified and skilled person to carry out fluid communication between two parties with prospects of success is indispensable.

Sometimes some tools for interpersonal communication that do not necessarily go through the correction in translation, such as empathy, tone of voice or, simply, the feeling that having a personal interlocutor that provides a human component are also decisive.

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