The Importance of Branding in Product Design

The main task of a brand from a business point of view is to create an additional, intangible value of the product, and, as a result, increase its value. Branding in designing a product allows you to level the value of price, and bring competition to a qualitatively new level. Next, we will look at the importance of branding in doing business.

What Is a Brand and Branding?

A brand is a stable, unique perception of a product or company in the consumer’s mind. These are the feelings and emotions that he acquires with the product.

Branding is a set of consistent actions aimed at creating and retaining this image in the minds of the audience.

Branding Tasks

To successfully achieve the goal of branding in designing a product and attract the attention of the audience, the company faces the following tasks:

  • create an attractive image in the mind of the buyer;
  • reflect the importance and value of the product;
  • improve communication between the company and the consumer;
  • choose channels and strategies for promoting the product;
  • stand out from competitors;
  • individualize the product;
  • identify the product using visual and verbal elements;
  • to preserve the health of the brand, and to track its further position in the eyes of the consumer.

Completion of these tasks in the product designing process will help the company increase brand awareness and achieve high results at all stages of branding.

Brand Development Stages

If you ask an expert from a digital product design company, you’ll find that building a brand can be divided into four stages.


The research begins with the formulation of the problem that the business faces. Then, depending on the task, the objectives of the research are formed. The product, the company, and the factors influencing it are carefully studies: the market, competitors, and target audience. At this stage, it is important to conduct a deep analysis of the data obtained and formulate the right conclusions, on the basis of which the further strategy and philosophy of the brand will be based. You can use the product design service to help you quickly complete this task.

Creating a brand platform

Based on the results of the research, a brand platform is built. The platform is an internal document of the company, which describes its philosophy, the main ideas that it will tell the audience about, and which will become close to it. Based on the platform, a marketing and communication strategy, verbal communication language, and corporate identity are built or adjusted. A solid platform is a basis for mutual understanding between employees, customers, and partners.

Corporate identity development

Corporate identity should reflect the ideas and meanings that are embedded in the platform. With the help of the visual language of the brand, its character is revealed, individuality is emphasized, and values are transmitted.

Corporate identity is not only a standard set of elements for creating design layouts (logo, font, color palette, corporate graphics), but also a well-thought-out logic of their use, which allows you to maintain uniformity in what product designing companies can help you.


After the platform and corporate identity are developed, they need to be implemented. To acquaint employees with new ideas of the company, conduct training, and explain the rules for using the corporate identity. The implementation stage is no less important than the others. It is necessary that employees understand and feel the brand, be able to create communication materials, and build a marketing strategy in accordance with the overall vision of the company. If you decide to apply for digital product design services, you can quickly implement a brand that will allow your business to grow at a tremendous speed.

Today, almost every company has the opportunity to build its own brand. But it should be understood that branding is a multi-level, strategically planned process that requires involvement from the company, deep immersion, and high product design expertise.


Branding is a very important part of any product design. If your brand becomes recognizable, then your business will be able to attract more customers and thereby increase profitability. We provide new product design services and happily help you create and develop your brand. We have helped many companies launch more than 100 projects, including startups. So feel free to contact us and we will turn all your ideas into reality.

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