Steam Games from New Zealand: An Insider’s Look!

When you think of New Zealand, your mind might conjure images of snow-capped mountains, expansive plains, or even the Lord of the Rings trilogy. If this is how you picture New Zealand, then you are correct because New Zealand has long been known for its stunning landscapes and warm and welcoming people. It is considered one of the best places to go on vacation anywhere in the world, and it is also famous for where LOTR was filmed. It is so well known that it is referred to as “The Land of the Long White Cloud.” On the other side of the vast expansive scenery and mountains, technology in New Zealand is highly advanced. Kiwi programmers create even games that you might already be playing, or you can enjoy. Let’s have a look at some of the video games that were developed in New Zealand and are available on Steam.


Released in November 2021, it could be an excellent option if you have a passion for scooters. Dillon Earle created the game from Christchurch, New Zealand. One may argue that it’s the most realistic freestyle scooter game ever developed. The ramp for scooters and the skatepark were inspired by those featured in well-known skateboarding video games such as Tony Hawk. You can attack the streets in this physics-based scooter game, power up the enormous ramp, customize your scooter to your heart’s delight, and unleash all real-world trick combinations your heart desires. If you are a casual gamer into sports, you might like this one.

Shatter Remastered Deluxe

With the release of Shatter Remastered Deluxe, the popular arcade game Shatter, initially released in 2009, has been given a second chance at success. In the match Shatter Remastered Deluxe, now available on Steam, you will have the opportunity to rediscover the award-winning classic that revolutionized the brick-breaking genre.

The casual game, Shatter has been brought back and is now better than ever in gorgeous 4K at 120 frames per second, thanks to a redesigned user interface and fantastic new visuals. Have another listen to the score that received such high praise from the reviewers, but this time in 5.1 surround sound. It was very just released this November 2022, so take advantage of being one of the first to test out the game and see how you feel about it.


Plasma is an open-ended simulation game that encourages players to let their imaginations run wild when designing and constructing their own devices. On Plasma, you can create and share your great robots, factories, arcade machines, enormous rampaging spiders, entire game worlds, and things so new they don’t even have a name yet.

Construction in a freeform style using hundreds of parts! You may resize, spin, paint, and change any other setting to get the perfect gadget.

An intuitive visual programming environment with powerful nodes to manage the actions and logic of your devices. You can check steam and see information about early access. This game has yet to be released, but it is said to be in the first quarter of 2023. So, if you enjoy building things or are a freeform gamer, this is something new to look out for.

It’s Only Money

It’s Only Money is a hybrid of a role-playing game (RPG) and a simulation game (Simulation), and it may be experienced on your own or with others in a shared world perspective using a third-person point of view. You will play the part of a resident of Undercity who was exiled to The Hole for not being affluent enough to meet the requirements set by the crooked new mayor of Rockhaven. However, you may make this work for you if your goal is to amass wealth through thievery, murder, and destruction.

The game has yet to be released, with no future release date posted. However, the goal here is to play the high life from being a low life and earn as much money and assets as possible by reclaiming the city block by block, either through doing criminal acts or by getting lucky by betting on Slimeway, which is one of the mini-games, a race using snails.

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