How to Spy on Children’s Text Messages Free without Installing Software

As children grow, a time comes when it becomes quite hard to manage them. They become secretive and would reveal little to you, even when they are in some form of discomfort. Teenagers do a lot of things that can directly or indirectly ruin their lives.

Some choose to do drugs, others choose a lifestyle that does not commensurate to what you cannot provide as a parent. This calls for parental control, where you try to intervene and help them in making decisions for their own lives.

There are many parental control tools available to help keep your children in check. Some of these tools and applications are free while others are for paid users.

They provide the best chance that any parent should seize when it comes to limiting the risks that children get into. Cocospy is one of these tools, and in this post, we shall look at how you can utilize it to keep your children safe.

Millions of people across the world are turning to Cocospy as a solution to the problems that come with parenting. And it is not just about parenting that makes this app a great tool for people, it has so many other functionalities that make it a global leader in the world of spying as well as hacking. Many publishers such as the PC World, New York Times, Top 10 Reviews, Life Hacker, Forbes, Android Authority, CNET, PCMag, TechRadar, Toms Guide, Digital trends as well as Life Wire have all endorsed Cocospy to help deal with many life issues that originate from secrecy.

How can you use Cocospy to monitor children?

Cocospy comes with unique features designed to help you manage your children in different ways. This is not just limited to offline activities, but it goes far beyond that. You will be able to monitor what your kids are doing online with their iPhones as well as Android phones.

Cocospy allows users to spy messages free without having to pay for it, get the location of a target device and other things as discussed below;

Cocospy location tracker

As a parent, you need an application that will help you be able to know where your kids are at any given time. With Cocospy phone tracker app, you will be able to get notifications of where your children have visited.

The tracking application uses GPS to gather all the relevant data of the various places that your kids have visited, thus enable you review them to see if they are visiting areas you think can be a danger to them.

Messages tracker

Children are these days buried in their phones, chatting endlessly with friends. Some of the people that your kids might be chatting with might even be strangers that can jeopardize their own safety.

With this application, you will be able to know who they were talking with as well as the kind of messages they have been sending. If you notice that their conversation is not up to any good, you can know what to do to help them.

Social media monitor

Cocospy is a great app when it comes to helping parents monitor what their kids are up to on social media platforms. Many people misuse platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, and others, to bully people. Ladies have been found to be the most victims of cyberbullying, a vice that thrives mostly on social media. With the ability to know whether or not your daughters are being bullied, you can be able to come up with proper remedial measures to help them know how to deal with it.

Restrict their movements

Many at times kids are given class assignments to do them at home. You will, however, find out that instead of the kids focusing on what they have been asked to do by their teachers, they are constantly looking for ways to sneak out and go have fun.

But with Cocospy geofencing feature, a parent can easily set boundaries for the kids until they finish the work. If you set the boundary within a home, then you will get a notification if the kids try to sneak out when you are not around.


Cocospy is every parent’s best friend. It has helped many people keep an eye on their kids, and be there for the kids when they need them. You will be able to know when your kid is in any form of trouble through the alerts that this app will send to you.

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