Sports Betting as a New Way in Gaming

Gambling and betting as a first form of gaming

For obvious reasons, it comes to our minds, that betting is something modern, trending. The betting industry made an enormous breakthrough, though it exists for a long time and has status of social activity. As much as team sports existed, betting was always following them. The sports are undouble part of gaming, which makes betting essential throughout the history.

Historians assume that this type of sports betting first took place in 676 BC as part of the 23rd Olympiad. Other examples are also present to all. Either from the comics of the Gallic hero Asterix or from various monumental films such as “Ben Hur”, where the dramatic chariot race plays a decisive role. So the Romans bet on the death-defying gladiators or on the winners of the popular chariot races. It is not common for wealthy citizens to bet the proverbial “house and yard”. The fascination of sports betting held her under its spell thousands of years ago.

Another milestone in sports betting can be found on the island: horse racing was very popular in England in the 18th century. And at this time there were also variants of sports betting for the first time. Because the English were by no means betting solely on the winning horse, but on certain outcomes even then. The idea behind it was quite simple: such events had to be financed. This should be achieved through betting. The competition fever had broken out – and it didn’t stop on the European mainland either. In Germany there was a sports bet for the first time in 1810, also – according to the British model – in horse races. Finally, at the end of the 19th century, football became increasingly popular.

It was only a logical consequence that England introduced football betting in 1921. When the Second World War ended and German football became increasingly popular, the toto (seeGlossary ), also known colloquially as the penalty bet, was introduced. From then on, people guessed the outcome of eleven football games. Toto was organized by the state and had an exemplary basic idea: This is how German sport should be promoted through the income.

However, betting was still illegal in England until the mid-19th century. Thus also the so-called bookmakers. That changed in 1853 (although bookmakers were not officially legalized in Great Britain until 1961). In addition, that cleared the way for the bookmakers. One of the oldest, most traditional and still best known companies is Ladbrokes, which was founded in 1886.

In addition to sports betting on horse races, dog racing quickly developed into a popular alternative until football increasingly pushed it into a niche existence. Even before the Second World War, studies showed that the betting-crazy British invested around five percent of their money on sports betting, but also on gambling.

That alone shows that the path of professional betting could not be stopped. Especially not when more and more bookmaker shops opened on the island. Another well-known representative was William Hill, who opened its doors in 1934. Nowadays, the betting Industry throughout the world represent many offices, in India the domestic bookmaker is 4rabet. However, there are many other international offices, 4rabet stays as one of the best Indian one.

Modern approach to the betting

The gaming has not stopped just on betting. The development of technologies brought to the market type of sport. Cybersport, e-sports – from sports video games. The history of e-sports began with the game Quake, which had a network game mode via LAN or the Internet. Due to the popularity of the game Doom, in 1997 in the United States appeared the first e-sports league – Cyber athlete Professional League (CPL). Since then, many new eSports leagues have emerged.

Gambling and betting

In 2015, the global e-sports audience was 226 million people and it was planned that in 2019 it would reach 427 million.

The ability to host tournaments online is the reason esports betting is gaining momentum. Live bets are the most popular, but you can also choose a prematch for:

  • CS: GO;
  • Dota 2;
  • League of Legends;
  • Starcraft 2;
  • Overwatch;
  • Rainbow6!

To place a bet, fund your account, go to the “Cybersport” line of the bookmaker and select a discipline. Currently, Dota 2 accepts bets on matches within the ESL One Los Angeles, Chinese Professional Association, and China Professional League, BTS Pro Series or GG StayHome Challenge tournaments. If you are a fan of CS: GO, then choose the matches of the ESL Pro League series.

Study odds and statistics, cheer for your favorites and win together with them. Make the most of your time at home. You have every chance to become a professional analyst by the end of the quarantine. You will be able to get a stable income on the predictions of sports and e-sports events in 4rabet bookmaker’s office.

What is difference is this way of gaming?

Esports is very democratic; you can try any discipline personally and draw conclusions based on your own experience in the same conditions as professionals. You will not be able to play 90 minutes with Barcelona or personally pilot a Formula 1 car. In addition, you can explore all the tournament maps for CS: GO inside and out.

Esports is a collection of disciplines, and each has its own winning mechanics, opponents’ tasks, and terminology. You will find unique offers in the bookmaker’s lines, but in order to take advantage of them, you need to understand what is happening and why. Here are some examples of unusual markets:

  • CS: GO: total pistol rounds, total rounds for terrorists or special forces.
  • In Dota-2: killing the first roshan, on the map, the first tower on the map, map duration, total and killing handicap, murder performer.
  • In LoL: first dragon, first blood or first baron on the map, type of first dragon, total towers or slain dragons.
  • On special lounge-sites, players place bets not only in cash, but also in the form of skins, that is, they win in-game weapons, equipment or artifacts. You can also top up your account with skins, not money.

In 2020, most regular sports competitions were interrupted or canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, esports tournaments took place all over the world and the betting market reoriented itself. The likelihood of canceling eSports events that have moved online is very small.

Another plus of e-sports betting comes from the fact that this is not the most important market for the bookmaker. Yes, the margin is high, but the office spends less effort on forming the line. So if you are a connoisseur of a specific discipline, you can enjoy betting and gaming at the same time. To bet on cybersports in India, you can use the service of 4rabet.

Betting – Gaming – Communication

Sports Betting as a New Way in Gaming

The gaming has come out to the new level. Communication embodies in different ways in betting industry as a form of gaming. The ads are direct form of communication in modern society. 

1). Imagine that you are surfing the Internet, perhaps reading the news about your favorite football team, and in the banner of the site, it issues an offer to bet on today’s match. You bet on your favorite right in the banner (without having to visit a betting resource), place a bet and transfer money through a payment system convenient for you. In case your team wins, you go to the bookmaker’s website and transfer money directly to your bank account.  

It is difficult to imagine a more comfortable way to bet on sports as there is no need to register an account or even leave the website you are on. The application of these modern innovations is significant: it will allow Internet users to buy a pair of shoes directly from an advertising banner or avid music lovers to purchase tickets to a music concert quickly and easily. This decision is the near future, which will affect not only the betting process in sports, but also online gambling.

Conclusion: bets in the banner or in other elements of the site on someone else’s resource ー an excellent opportunity not only to attract new players, but also to increase the number of bets.

2). Betting developed new gaming community. As you do sports, you do betting. Sportsbooks are like social media due to digitalization of betting. We share our bets with others and try to find the best ways to help each other to earn. The bookmaker business is rapidly moving in this direction, and all Indian bookmakers have already adapted their official website for easy use from a smartphone. Many of them go even further and release their own apps available for iOS or Android phones. 4rabet, Indian bookmaker, provide betting on IOS.

3). The number of bookmakers’ clients is growing, some of them lose, some of them win, lack of experience and math takes its toll. Our main goal is to improve player performance. Therefore, we created several of chats for live communication between players. In sports forums of bookmaker’s players you can get answers to your questions from experienced bettors, as well as find like-minded people and partners in the betting business.

On such forums, you can get any answer on your question. Players communicate and open new way of gaming for themselves. Exposing the “winning” strategies.

On the Internet, you can find many strategies, the authors of which are convinced that they are winning. On the forums, players who find flaws in them discuss all of these strategies.

Author’s themes.

On the betting forums, you will find dozens of topics where players place their bets. Often, authors of indicate which strategies they play. Thus, you can get acquainted with the results of the game on various strategies and, from someone else’s experience, understand whether they are worth considering for bets.


Sometimes on the forums you come across very promising bettors, whose forecasts should at least be taken into account. Even if you have a different opinion about the outcome of the game, you can read the players’ arguments and their analysis, which will save you some time.

Advantageous offers from bookmakers.

The most difficult thing is to keep track of the bonuses and promotions of various offices, and they are actively discussed on the forums. All new actions are instantly put on the cappers’ agenda and are actively discussed.

Despite the fact that social networks have greatly shaken the positions of forums in recent years, in them every beginner can find a lot of useful information for himself. Why test the old strategy of the game, risking your own money, when you can see the test results of other players? This is the main benefit of betting forums.


Where goes gaming in terms of betting?

Today sports betting is showing rapid development. However, if the sports betting industry has already reached this level, what can we expect in the near future?

Undoubtedly, the development and popularity of betting directly depends on the interest of users in sports. The ability to watch the matches of your favorite teams via the Internet without leaving your home is attracting more and more people. It follows from this that the future is undoubtedly in the virtual way of betting. It is safe, fast, affordable, and legal.

The Internet makes it possible to track the events of any tournament or match. Now for many players, sports betting is not just a gambling entertainment, but the main form of income. Therefore, all that should be expected in the near future is the opening of more and more virtual bookmakers, the improvement and rapid development of the industry.

The future without registration. This sounds as a new gate to development of the gaming.

Based on the success of casino sites that do not require mandatory registration, we can conclude that this format is much more convenient, safer and faster for consumers. Gambling sites without a registration form will soon become commonplace in the betting industry. As a result, operators that did not provide users with a seamless registration and flow of deposits will be left behind their competitors.

Conclusion: the presence of a registration form on the site filters out some of the potential customers.

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