PS5 – Release Date, Cost, Specs, Latest News and Rumors

The world of gaming is all set to see a new and the most sought-after entrant – The PS5. The eagerly awaited next-gen video game console has been in the news ever since the information related to its release became public. This time also a lot of hopes are linked with it and all the gaming enthusiasts are super excited about its release. It is definitely going to be a huge step forward by Sony and probably a game-changer.

Sony PS5 – Release Date

According to Sony, PS5 is all set to get released in Holiday 2020. The release date is clashing with that of the Xbox Series X and it is going to be a tough competition between the two gaming giants. While people are happy to know the tentative release date, if reports are to be believed, PS5 might get released by November 20, 2020.

The exact date has still not been finalized. What is known is leaked information that is doing rounds in the media. Therefore, it is better to wait for an official announcement from Sony.

Sony PS5 – Cost

After the confirmation of the release of PS5, enthusiasts pressed officials for further details such as the price of the console but the details were not revealed. It is but obvious that it will be more expensive when compared to PS4 as it has advanced features and software. It can be predicted that it will be around $500. However, this is just a tentative price that is based on leaked information. Nothing official has come forth. The real price will be revealed by the officials.

Sony PS5 – Specifications

The specs are always the most anticipated part of the release of any gadget and the same goes for the coveted console. It has been revealed that PS5 will run on an AMD CPU chip. From AMD’s Ryzen line, it will be an 8-core and custom-made chip.

The CPU supports ray-tracing which is something that belongs to Hollywood and has just started being used in top-notch PC processors. It is a technique employed by big-budget movies. The effect will be truly amazing as it is something that has never been seen before in a gaming console!  The upcoming console also boasts of 8K TV support.

There is also the news of a tailor-made SSD drive. This is to ensure that the games don’t become slower to load just because they are complex. The speed of the new SSD is said to be 19 times more than conventional ones.

With the increased power of the SSD, the installation sizes of the games would get reduced. With the help of its SSD, the console will let the players install and remove only some parts of the game. This means that players can choose to install the single-player mode first and the multiplayer mode when they want to.

It has been mentioned officially that the new console will have an improved cloud gaming performance to offer.

Sony is also believed to be adding a custom-made 3D audio unit in PS5 to take the audio experience to a totally different level. This is probably to satisfy gamers who were unhappy about the audio features of PS4 not being very different from that of PS3. As expected, the new release is going to be bigger in every possible way. That directly means that they would not leave the audio facet of the console untouched.

User Interface of PS5

It has been officially stated that the user interface of PS5 is going to be completely different from that of PS4. You, as a player, will be able to boot games faster. Single-player games will tell you what missions you can go ahead with and what you will get after you complete them. These choices will be visible to you in the UI and you can choose whatever you want to. It will be helpful to players who sit to play without any prior planning.

For a further enhanced gaming experience, it is being speculated that the console will have a built-in camera that will capture 4K footage. It will react to the light setting of the room and adjust the picture quality accordingly. This way you will be provided with nothing but the best.

Backwards compatibility to older games

Sony has been vocal about the fact that PS5 will have backward compatibility for PS4 games. This seems like good news for all gaming enthusiasts.  However, there is no affirmative news about the games of PS3 or PS2 yet. But if that happens, you will be able to enjoy your PS4, PS3, PS2 and PS1 games on your brand new PS5.

PS5 PSVR – Is it on the cards?

Will the new console be compatible with the PSVR unit? It has been officially confirmed that it will but at the same time, there is no affirmation of a next-gen PlayStation VR headset. The rumor mills are abuzz with the idea of a potential PS5 PSVR headset that is expected to cost around $250 in the US. Only time will reveal the authenticity of this news.

Expected list of games

Last but not least, the list of anticipated games deserves to be mentioned. There may not be many dependable sources to get an idea of the games on PS5, but it is known that there are games from well-known franchises that are yet to make their way to PS4. So, it means that games like Ghost of Tsushima and The Last of Us 2 might get released for both the new and old console versions.

To be honest, you have to wait for the release of PS5 in order to know what all will be on the list. The whole world is waiting for the release of the new gaming console and all the speculations will be put to rest only after the actual thing comes into being. Till then, gamers have to suffice with the random interjections in between regarding the latest features of the gaming console.

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