Skillshop: Courses To Learn For Free About Google Tools

Skillshop is a free learning platform (formerly known as Academy for Ads) for acquiring digital training.

Did you know that you can take free Google courses? That’s right! Through the Skillshop program, the famous technology company helps you to expand your digital skills, a fundamental requirement to improve your professional profile, facing the needs of today’s labour market.

With the aim of promoting the use of its digital products, Google launches the educational program Skillshop, a platform full of free courses and certificates to learn step by step, how to master the most popular tools of the company.

If you want to increase the number of digital skills in your resume, or even incorporate the use of Google tools in a technological venture, Google Skillshop’s free courses are an open window to achieve it.

Also, keep in mind that all Skillshop trainings are flexible, designed to make lessons and learning fully accessible from the comfort of your computer or mobile.

What is Skillshop

Skillshop is a free learning platform (previously known under the name Academy for Ads), created under a Google educational program for the free promotion of knowledge and skills related to the technology company’s tools, widely used in the digitalized work context.

From courses and certifications designed for beginners to training for advanced students in the mastery of Google’s main digital products, Skillshop offers opportunities to specialize in different tools and professional solutions in the hand of new technologies.

Free courses and certifications available in Google Skillshop

In Skillshop, you will find free courses focused on different topics related to the purposes of the main services and digital products developed or acquired by Google (Google Ads, Google Analytics, Waze, YouTube, etc).

Free courses and certifications available in Google Skillshop

Obviously, most of the courses are focused on providing skills for the management of online communities with digital marketing objectives, business growth tracking, value metrics, inventory management, among other skills highly demanded in the digital professions sector.

Some topics, courses and certifications that you can access through Skillshop are:

Through the free Google Ads training, you will learn all the aspects associated with the creation of advertising campaigns in different formats, performance metrics and key points when it comes to improving the experience of your strategies for the user.

Google Analytics Courses

The Google Analytics training courses, the most popular web analytics tool on the Internet, review all the aspects to take into account when preparing a strategy for measuring, comparing and tracking results.

Google Marketing Platform Courses

By taking and receiving an expert certification in Google Marketing Platform, you will be qualified to devise and achieve completely solid marketing objectives.

Waze Ads Courses

Skillshop courses focused on Waze, the popular GPS-assisted application for real-time traffic reporting, introduce the fundamentals of devising successful advertising campaigns using this platform.

With these online trainings, you will gain the necessary qualifications to master this ad exchange platform, optimize your digital advertising strategies and increase a business’s revenue.

Authorized Buyers courses

With the Authorized Buyers training, you will learn from scratch how this ad buying business model platform works, specifically in the sale of ad impressions as an auction.

Google AdMob courses

The Google AdMob first steps courses are designed to provide a general understanding of how this advertising platform works, focused on mobile devices and application monetization, in order to set up apps that generate more profitable earnings.

Google for Education courses

Google for Education trainings, designed for education professionals, students and school leaders, offer multiple skills to implement new technologies in the classroom, especially in a context where virtual and distance learning is becoming more and more widespread.

YouTube Courses

If you dream of making money with YouTube, you already belong to the Partner Program or you are dedicated to managing communities in the most popular video social network in the world, the Skillshop courses focused on YouTube are ideal to understand the best strategies for monetization, loyalty, promotion and interaction, when leading a channel on the platform.

Advantages of Skillshop courses

Both the Skillshop platform and the content of the training courses themselves have a number of benefits if you want to incorporate new knowledge in the area of digital solutions, in order to strengthen your professional skills, manage your own business or prepare for a new job.

In addition to being a resource available for free, these are some advantages that we can find through Skillshop courses:

  • Comprehensive pieces of training that are flexible and adjustable to all levels of experience and knowledge.
  • Simple and user-friendly platform for navigation.
  • Courses available in Spanish, English and other languages.
  • Modern teaching structure, so you can take the courses according to your own pace and availability schedule.
  • A constantly growing catalogue of courses and updated content.
  • Online access is available at any time.
  • Possibility of diagnostic evaluations, in order to identify your knowledge before taking a training course and to find out if you need to obtain any previous certification.
  • Opportunity to obtain a final certification from Google, a highly prestigious company in the sector.

How to start a Skillshop course step by step

Let’s solve the most important doubt! How to view and start the Google trainings available through Skillshop? Follow the steps below to find out all the details:

  • Log in to your Gmail account and once in your profile, access the official Skillshop web portal.
  • To see the list of available training areas and tools, click on the “Explore courses to get started” option:
  • You will automatically be redirected to the catalog of topics available for training with Skillshop. Click on the course area of greatest interest to you:
  • Once inside the selected category, you will see the list of specific trainings that are available to acquire skills in the tool.
  • To choose one of the available trainings, just click on the title of the course and you will learn more about the subject matter, structure, pre- and post-certification self-assessments, requirements, etc.
  • If the training meets the requirements you expect from the course, just click on “Start” to access the content:
  • Accept the platform terms and conditions and create a student profile:

And that’s it! Once you finish linking your account, you can start training with Skillshop in the areas and topics of your choice. You can start as many courses as you want and watch your progress in each one from the administration area of your profile.

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