Playing Cookie Clicker using Auto Clicker – Quick Guide

Cookie Clicker is one of the most popular incremental games that every gamer loves to play in their free time. It’s easy, and simple but very addictive because there are no heavy tasks involved. In this game, the users have to bake cookies by just clicking on the bigger cookie, giving them a sense of achievement by scoring quickly. And the best thing is that you can also use these baked cookies to purchase upgrades which eventually helps collect more cookies.

However, baking cookies is a pretty easy task but to score higher you have to repeatedly click very fast on the big cookie. Sometimes this task can be very tedious but you can easily get rid of this by using an auto clicker if you want to score higher and reach top levels.

Understanding Cookie Clicker

The basic concept of Cookie Clicker revolves around clicking on the Cookie to accumulate points. As the players progress, they unlock upgrades which makes this game more interesting and rewarding. And you would be shocked to know that, some of these upgrades can also help you to bake cookies automatically and can increase your clicking rate extensively. As you progress in the game your popularity also grows among other players. You can also play this game on your mobile devices but the majority of users love playing it on PC.

Playing Cookie Clicker using Auto Clicker – Quick Guide

In the starting phase of the game, the players start with zero cookies and to increase the numbers they have to collect cookies by clicking on the bigger cookie. Once the player reaches 15 cookies they can purchase a workforce or a cursor to automate clicks after every 5 seconds. But if you don’t want to spend your collected cookies here, you can also get an auto-clicking app for free. And if you want the fastest auto clicker for cookie clicker, visit here. We have been using this application for the last 6 months and the results are phenomenal.

With this app, you can easily earn all your titles in this game. If you collect 1 billion cookies, you earn the title of world-famous bakery, 100 billion cookies get you a comic bakery title, and 1 trillion cookies give you a galactic bakery title. And as soon as you progress in the game, you earn different types of titles such as Universal Bakery, Timeless Bakery, Infinite Bakery, and finally the Immortal Bakery which is the top level of this game.

Best AutoClickers for Cookie Clicker

However, it’s very crucial to choose the right auto clicker which is compatible and also gives you different options to work. As we know in cookie clicker we need to click repetitively to collect the cookies and reach the highest levels. So in this scenario, we need an app that can click very fast as per the needs, doesn’t matter for how long. And help you with this, we have handpicked some of the top autoclickers that you can download for free, and in the next section, we will learn how to set up them for cookie clicker.

GT Auto Clicker: We have already mentioned this app earlier for its fast clicking speed. But since this application is still new to some users, I would like to introduce some features that are highly important like Current Cursor Position which helps you get clicks by just hovering the mouse and the second one is Infinite Clicks to get an unlimited sequence of clicks.

OP Auto Clicker: One of the most popular programs and also the oldest one. It has all the essential functions to click automatically but sometimes you get a little lower CPS. Moreover, you can easily record and replay your clicks on the selected coordinates of the screen.

Free Autoclicker: It’s a simple and easy tool to automate clicks and also has hotkeys that can be used to quickly start and stop the clicker. You can perform all types of different tasks which generally require repetitive clicks.

GS Auto Clicker: Another great software to perform auto-clicking at different screen locations. You just need to select the sequence of clicks, click rate, and the number of repetitions you want to play whenever needed.

A Quick Guide to Set Up Autoclicker

For those who are beginners, this setup guide is especially for you. Since the Cookie Clicker is a browser-based game, it becomes easy to hack with cheat codes and use autoclickers in the game. After setting up them, you can get easily perform AFK ( away from the keyboard ) while the game is running and progressing without any proper attention.

To set up them, you need to first select the Click interval > Mouse button > Number of clicks > Cursor position > Hotkeys and done. Once these settings are configured, you can easily get rid of the manual clicking and can also clear all the boss levels by just automating a few clicks.

All the auto clickers listed above are fully compatible, and can easily work on Android, PC, Mac, Chromebook, and other devices. The scripts used in these applications are safe and can be used in any type of repetitive actions or tasks of the game.

Final Words

With these auto-clicking applications, playing Cookie Clicker becomes very easy and engaging because you can easily get to the desired levels you want. Just you have to configure a few settings and you are ready to go. A PRO TIP, most of the advanced gamers use these apps at the time of Golden Cookie in which you need the fastest clicks possible.

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