Pay to Compete: Korean MMOs Should Offer Links to Farming Services

You’ve long dreamed of it: having the best armor, the rarest weapon, the most useful items that the MMO of your choice can offer. You’re excited to dive into end game content, standing tall among other powerful players. You have all the gold, silver, or whatever in-game currency you need to purchase the top of the line. You can play the game the way it was meant to be played, and you can have fun doing it.

But for some players, a dream is all it is. In many MMOs, there’s a commodity more valuable than gold, silver, or rare items and armor. That commodity is time. Balancing the many moving parts of adulthood and daily life leaves little time to enjoy video games, especially ones that require as much of a time commitment as Korean MMOs like Black Desert Online or Lineage 2. Getting better equipment and items in Korean MMOs can often take tens and sometimes even hundreds of hours of gameplay. It’s hard to enjoy your playtime in an MMO game if you know you will never have the time it takes to actually gather the resources needed to fully experience all the game has to offer.

However, there is a possible solution. In order to provide a more equal playing ground, even for gamers who have little free time to devote to the game itself, Korean MMOs should readily offer links to farming and boosting services.

For those that aren’t familiar with the term, farming refers to when a player repeats an action (slaying a certain enemy over and over again, for example) in order to gain experience, items, or in-game currency. You can either farm for yourself, or you can hire someone else to do it for you – usually someone with a higher level than you, which is boosting. That’s where farming and boosting services come in. For a good example, look no further than a service like Eldorado, which offers silver farming and power levelling services for the Korean MMO Black Desert Online.

Some gamers might argue that boosting services like the one mentioned are unethical and could even ruin the game or its in-game economy. Of course, these services aren’t for everyone and don’t need to be used by all gamers. But there are three main reasons why Korean MMOs should offer links to farming and boosting services.

Reason 1: Brings More Gamers into the Game

As pointed out earlier, many adult gamers simply don’t have the time to devote to games like Korean MMOs that require a lot of repetitive grinding to get resources like gold or silver, or just to level up. Time is a barrier to not only enjoyment, but also entry in general. For those gamers, a farming service offered by the game itself could be a solution.

By opening up this possibility, it also opens the doors for gamers that haven’t considered playing a Korean MMO like Black Desert Online. A link to a farming service could make time-strapped players feel more welcome to the game, and make them feel like they have a chance to enjoy the game just as much as someone with hours and hours of time to play. They may not have the time to enjoy the game to its fullest extent, but they may just have the money to help make the experience of a Korean MMO that much more enjoyable.

Reason 2: Possibly Lucrative for the Developers

A boosting service doesn’t have to just be profitable for the service itself. It could also be a boon for the developers of the game.

Just imagine: a game offers a link to a boosting service such as boosting  for BDO on its login page. A gamer that wants to purchase some sort of service from the boosting service clicks on the link and sets up an order. The company behind the game itself receives a portion of the total cost of the services ordered. With the recent expansion of use cases for cryptocurrency too, game development companies could expose themselves to new markets with a boosting service that caters to their needs.

As much as hardcore gamers may not like the idea of a newbie coming in and buying their way to success in-game, those same profits generated by the development company could be used to create more content and even extend the life of the game that those same hardcore gamers love so much.

Reason 3: Experience the Game, Minus the Tedious Bits

Let’s face it: a lot of gamers don’t enjoy grinding. Another fact: a lot of MMOs require that grind to get the good stuff. That seems like a problem for actually enjoying the game.

Boosting services should be a readily available service offered by the development companies themselves to ensure that the grind never becomes an actual grind. In my personal experience, having to spend hours fighting low level enemies in MMOs made playing them a real drag. A boosting service linked to by the developers could have been a nice solution for me to get through the more tedious and boring aspects of the gameplay.

Loyal fans of the genre might not like to admit it, but there’s a barrier to entry for many Korean MMOs. A lot of gamers simply don’t want to deal with those boring hours of grinding. Offering links to boosting services seems like an easy workaround.


Some Korean MMO players may argue that boosting services ruin the games they love, possibly even going as far as saying they destroy the in-game economy. Because they dealt with the mind-numbing grind to reach the highest highs that a game has to offer, some feel like every player has to do the same. This doesn’t have to be the case and it could actually hurt the game they love. If handled correctly, links to boosting services could help to bring in new players and extend the life of the game itself.

By bringing in new players who feel like they have a fighting chance to find fun in an MMO, and with easy access to boosting services, it could breathe new life into the Korean MMO genre.

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