Organizing the Perfect Garage for Your Christiana, PA Home

If you have ever purchased a home in Christiana, PA, you probably had a few things in mind as you searched through the various properties. Maybe you were looking for an updated kitchen, a certain number of bedrooms/bathrooms, or a particular yard size.

One of the most functional spaces in a home that often gets overlooked is the garage. This area is generally the king of storage, especially for outdoor equipment and vehicles. The problem is that many people use it as an overflow storage area, immediately relegating unwanted boxes and bins into the garage in an unorganized fashion.

Turning your garage into more than just a storage area requires a little bit of planning and organizational skills. Whatever its main use will be, you need to make the most of this space. But you can also take advantage of the garage to store items that make your living experience more exciting. Here are some tips to organize the perfect garage in Christiana, PA.

First, What NOT to Put in the Garage

Garages tend to have no air conditioning or heating systems, which means things that should be stored at room temperature do not belong there. It is easy to think that paint, propane, or even an extra refrigerator can find their natural homes in the garage, but this could be a mistake. The paint could be ruined by extreme heat or cold, propane belongs outdoors so that a spark presents less of a danger to the rest of the home, and a refrigerator drains more power maintaining cool temperatures in a non-regulated space. Also, don’t put your pet food in the garage either.

Creating Storage Space

Garages often double as workspaces for crafty homeowners, which means tools and lots of them. However, if you do not have an adequate storage plan, these tools can take up a lot of space in the garage, which makes it feel cluttered. DIY garage shelving presents plenty of opportunities for increasing the amount of storage space by taking advantage of the walls in the garage. Shelves made from wood, wire, or metal can keep more of your stuff off of the floor or work table so that completing your projects is much easier.

Filling it With Outdoor Equipment

One of the joys of being a homeowner is getting to have your own yard. When you have a garage, you can invest in more equipment and tools that help you improve and maintain the lawn. More space means you can purchase a larger lawn mower to get the job done faster, which can always be repaired with the help of a lawn mower service if necessary. Weed whackers, garden tools, hedge trimmers, and other lawn equipment can also be stored in the garage, so you have plenty of freedom to invest in useful machines and tools.

Optimizing Floor Space

The trick to having a perfectly organized garage is optimizing floor space. This is partially accomplished by adding wall storage elements, as mentioned previously, but the layout of your possessions can also make a big difference. If you have large machines like lawnmowers or snow blowers, make sure they are in the corners. Place all related equipment in the same space so that it is easy to remember where everything is. If you have items that are used frequently, put them at the front of the garage so they can move in and out of the doorway faster. Since garages often turn into overflow storage areas, put those bins of rarely used items in the farthest reaches of the space since they are only needed once in a while. Optimizing floor space makes everything that you need more accessible.

Don’t Forget the Aesthetics

While making your garage look good and organized on the inside is most important, don’t neglect the aesthetics of the exterior. The garage door is a very noticeable aspect of the home, especially from the front. A visually appealing garage door elevates the curb appeal of the whole house, so why not get creative with the look? Add some metal hinges and handles that create a carriage house effect. Consider building a wooden pergola to frame the outside of the door. Use a power washer to get rid of the grime, and put on a fresh coat of weather-resistant paint.

Make Your Christiana Garage the Most Useful Space in the House

While residents and guests are unlikely to spend much of their time in the garage you have designed, there is no reason why you should ignore the usefulness of this area. The right organization and aesthetics can turn it into a wonderful retreat from normal living spaces, letting you work with your hands and build something for your home. By optimizing space, you can store everything more efficiently so that the space stays clean and ready for more machines and equipment to elevate your living experience. Follow these tips and make your garage one of the most useful spots in your Christiana, PA, home.

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