Omega: An Epitome Of Accuracy And Style

This watch is known to be the first watch on the moon. Gaining this achievement makes these timepieces a significant mark on the market. NASA has made these watches their official timekeeper, and before reaching this achievement, they have to undergo a lot of tests and trials, and this brand passed.

To pass the NASA standard, it should endure the moon’s climate, which is very different from the earth—testing the endurance of a high-pressure atmosphere, decompression, acceleration, and shock tests. Around 1905, they also named the Olympics as its trusted partner internationally with different sports events around the world.

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First Watch on the Moon

Omega watch is the first-ever watch that reaches orbit and goes to the moon. It helps in recording the time of NASA’s space program, and it passes through a lot of tests. It has to go to tests like pressure, decompression, acceleration, and temperature to ensure that it will survive the climate on the moon.

It’s a very demanding trial and has to examine other watches. Thus, Omega Speedmaster and watches from Rolex, Hamilton, and Longines-Wittnauer tried it too, but only Omega passed and came on top. Nasa made some changes on the watch and where Omega Speedmaster was launched.

Timekeeper Of The Olympics

Omega has also become an expert in sports aside from outer space. This timepiece brand has

Become a reliable partner in different sports events in the local and international scene since 1905. In 1931, when Omega set a remarkable record in six trials conducted in Geneva Observatory, the watch brand became more popular.

Watch Used In James Bond Film

Aside from the remarkable milestones of this watch brand, from space mission to sports, etc., it did not stop from there. It also appears in James Bond movies, one of the famous spy films that many of us love. It specifically used the Omega Seamaster model, and a lot of people are impressed with this watch model’s look.

Make Use of Patented Materials

Many people are unaware that Omega seems to have its own patented materials. The Sedna Gold, which was launched in 2013, is a perfect example. This 18K rose, a Swiss watchmaker, developed gold metal by combining copper, gold, and palladium. The alloy made for this watch can last longer and be more durable than pure gold material.

Omega Mechanical vs. Omega Quartz

Many people, even watch collectors, are unaware that Omega even created quartz models. These prototypes, nevertheless, are no longer as common as they had been during the Quartz Crisis. Thanks to its scarcity, some people would consider these versions to be collector items.

Seamaster Diver Automatic Black Dial

The classic silver and black style of this Omega piece is genuinely fulfilling. This product is suitable for someone who doesn’t like to engage directly and displays masculine faith. A stainless casing is fitted to the stainless steel bracelet on another timepiece. That black ceramic circle upon this nonlinear revolving stainless steel bezel matches the dark dial.

The black dial features rhodium-plated faintly glowing hands with point-hour markings. This watch, like the rest of the Seamaster series, is water-resistant to 1000 ft. It’s stylish but sophisticated.

Speedmaster Racing Automatic Grey Dial

The dial is colored grey with yellow highlights and is very stylish. For further maximum efficiency, three sub-dials include secs, a 12-hour recording feature, and a half-hour recorder. The date frame is conveniently positioned at 6 o’clock. The textured black bezel features a transflective display scale.

Steel is used to build the casing. The timepiece does have a self-winding caliber and a supply that lasts for approximately 52 hours. Omega had also made a rubber belt with a folding buckle for its band.

De Ville Prestige Automatic White Dial

For this magnificent masterpiece, this series has grown up to its reputation. The Arabic numerals are shown on a lovely white enamel dial, except for the 12, illuminated in bright red paint. The scratch-resistant sapphire crystal protects its dial against scratches.

Its leather band surrounds tightly throughout your wrist as well as the casing is built of red gold. A red-gold loop added to its leather cuff completes Omega’s creation.


This Omega watch has gained its popularity until today. Its durability, flexibility, accuracy and overall quality are not a question. If you want a watch that would last longer, provide accurate details, and match your active lifestyle, this brand is ideal.

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