Newbie Guide To Setting Up A Data Room For The First Time

Data is incredibly valuable for business today. It must be accessible and secure. The volume of information resources in any field of human activity is fast growing. All spheres of life in modern society are becoming more and more complicated. But the main thing is the development of technology and scientific progress.

Storing information in virtual data rooms is becoming more popular today. It has such purposes: storage, exchange of files, execution, and completion of financial transactions. The modern world is a virtual space. It simplifies the processes of daily life and business. Such tools store a lot of confidential documents in a single place.

You must set up the data room correctly. It is a guarantee that everything will work as a result. First, determine which users will use the product and what about the underlying workflow. The key player involved in corporate document processing is the CFO of a company. Before you start working with these solutions, you should compare virtual data rooms. And we will help you with this.

How to work with the Data Room

The basic workflow involves these steps:

  • Primary formation of the virtual data room.
  • Loading and structuring of private company documents.
  • Adding new users to the data room.
  • Providing access to files.
  • Launching the data room.
  • Monitoring the activity of users.
  • Ending and closing the data room.

Then, do this:

  1. Open a VDR.
  2. Upload and structure private company documents for the CFOs and Finance Department with the addition of new potential users to the online data room software.
  3. Give access to documents to the company team members.
  4. Launch the data room. All potential users should get access at the same time to avoid mistakes. You must monitor the activities of users as fully as possible.
  5. Download the available files and structure your documents.
  6. View approved documents since the last login to the site.
  7. Close the electronic data room (finance department analyst task).

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How to choose a data room provider

Based on how a corporation stores documents or conducts due diligence, you should choose among virtual data room providers. Firmex is a versatile option. This solution gives an increased level of security.

Add both new members and existing people to the data room. The administrator has the right to see who belongs to which groups. To add a user, you must have a valid email address. When receiving an invitation, a potential member can itemize the most head information about themselves. The data room administrator has everything you need to control the security rules and permissions.

Next is the verification stage. You must test the data room. An administrator’s powers:

  • Allow multiple employees to access the data room with different user-level permissions and access levels with evaluating security features.
  • Test user access to edit documents, including print, copy, and save functions, includes other security features provided by the data room service.
  • When the tests are finished, access your data room.

Virtual data room providers

Here is the list of the best virtual data room providers:

  • DealRoom.
  • FirmRoom.
  • Fordata.
  • SecureDocs.
  • Sharefile.
  • Caplinked.

This list will help you analyze what the vendor offers with pricing and functionality.


A virtual data room is a practical solution. Use a data room to exclude inevitable one-time implementation and recurring costs. It is an affordable way to protect company data from untoward providers. Look toward solutions with a comprehensive approach to protecting corporate data throughout the life cycle of a document: transfer, use, storage with deleted. The space provides secure access to files for all stakeholders involved in the transaction (even third parties): lawyers, bankers, auditors, experts, and regulators.

All documents used in the space should be tagged with invisible tags automatically. Even in the event of a leak and identify who compromised the data. To be fully protected, the data room software must have the functionality of protected documents even after they have been uploaded from the data room (DRM document protection) to replace AD RMS and mobility enterprise tools. Data room comparison is also a good deal because it’s a brilliant offer. Now, you know everything about this.

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