New Wazamba Bonus Sets An Example for The Entire Industry

The promotions have always been a major part of the online gambling experience, and welcome bonuses are arguably the most demanded promotional offers in existence. As the industry is constantly evolving, the new Wazamba bonus deal may set an example to all the other iGaming platforms. The fresh offer is truly interesting to analyze, and there is a chance it will have an impact on the entire industry.

What’s so special about it?

At first glance, the latest Wazamba bonus deal for new players might seem as a rather generic welcome package. It consists of three parts: a match bonus that doubles the first deposit of the player, a set of two hundred free spins, and a Bonus Crab for the corresponding feature of the website.

Even though it might sound like the welcome package of any other iGaming website, there are two unique features about it that make it special and set the precedent for other online casinos. The first of these aspects is the connection to the unique Bonus Crab feature, and the second one relates to the bonus rules. In order to keep things simple, it is reasonable to review these two aspects separately.

Bonus Crabs for newbies

The Bonus Crab feature deserves an entire review, but for the purposes of today’s article, it will be enough to have a brief description. This Wazamba bonus feature allows the players of the casino to take part in a mini-game with various rewards, granting them a chance to claim some freebies.

The feature itself was rather innovative, and it was positively received by the players of the website. However, tying it to the welcome offer makes it even more interesting. Not only does it encourage new visitors to the platform to try out this amazing activity, but it subsequently improves the popularity of other additional activities the site offers.

Even though many players enjoyed the Bonus Crab feature when it was launched, some of them hesitated to try it. The problem was that the tickets for this mini-game could only be obtained via other activities of Wazamba such as missions or tournaments. But with the new update to the welcome offer, every new player gets a chance to try this feature for free.

Many of these new players enjoy the Bonus Crab mechanic and are eager to use it again. They explore the system deeper and find out that they are able to earn more crabs via additional activities. Many of these players engage in these activities, which improves the player retention rate and forces more interactions within the community.

Milder bonus terms

The second aspect that makes the new Wazamba bonus unique relates to the set of rules associated with the promotion. While some other iGaming websites offer thousands of euros as their welcome bonuses, Wazamba only has a 500 EUR match bonus in their package. This might sound as a disadvantage at first, but it actually is a massive improvement for the players.

The catch here is that many sites that offer huge deposit bonuses to new players have very strict rules associated with these promotions. This especially applies to the wagering requirements term, as this rule prevents the newbies from cashing out their bonus funds. Every iGaming website has rollover requirements, and according to them, the players have to place a specific amount of bets before they are able to redeem the bonus money.

The majority of online casinos have wagering requirements around x50 for their welcome packages, which is rather difficult to roll over, especially for newbies who are not familiar with the most efficient strategies. The wagering requirements at Wazamba are only x35, which compensates for the reduced size of the bonus.

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