Netflix — How Do You Unblock Exclusive US Content

Using Netflix has become the main form of recreation. In the past, people used to visit the cinema hall just to enjoy movies. But after the huge popularity of popular streaming services like Netflix, people are getting more attracted to the streaming service provider. But these streaming service providers are giving information to the users based on geographical position.

So, if you stay in a specific region, you might not get the desired content. Some of the contents are blocked in a specific region and the users have no way to see the content. But hold on. We have a perfect solution. You can unblock exclusive US content using the best VPN for Netflix and some cool tricks. Follow the tips of this article and you won’t regret it.

Find the specific URL

You can be finding a specific URL to browse the different categories of content. Instead of using the Netflix apps on smart TV, you can log in to your Netflix account using the browser. It will give you a unique chance to use the customized URL. If you do some research on the internet, you will be able to find different URL parameters to access different content. It should unblock the exclusive U.S content.

At times, these tricks work partially but still, you do have many options to unblock the contents. Using the specific URL was the first tip you can use. But don’t think it will not work at all. It will do the tricks in most of the region.

Use a VPN

You can change your location. Use a VPN that you can install on several devices so that you can access Netflix from the U.S location in all the devices. If one of the devices uses Asia as the prime location and another device uses the USA to get access to the content, it will be a big problem.

It won’t take much time for Netflix to understand that you are using the device to get access to different content. However, if you share the screen with your friend who lives in aboard, it will be a different case and Netflix will understand that fact just by monitoring the user login details.

So, how do we solve this problem? We can use a professional VPN and installed it in all the devices that have an active Netflix account. By doing so we will get access to the important information and it will help us to enjoy the premium features with a great level of ease. So, learn more about the VPN service provider so that you don’t have to face any issue while unblocking the U.S based content.

Use a proxy server

Those who are using the Netflix account in the personal computer can rely on the proxy server. By using the proxy server you can unblock the US-based contents. But if you fail to configure the proxy server professionally, it will be a tough task to stream the video in HD quality.

Most of the time you will be facing the buffering problem and this will create massive confusion. Some of the videos will run in 360 pixels which is hard to watch in the device. Unless you are super skilled at using the proxy server, using the VPN service provider might be the best solution. And you don’t have to pay heavy fees for the VPN service provider. Those who are thinking to buy the proxy server from the third-party website should read the review again.

Change your location

You can try changing the location of your Netflix account once in a while to get access to the US-based content. You can share a Netflix id that is owned by US citizen and you will never have any problem accessing the vital content on the internet.

The things you can do with modern technology are limitless. And if you take smart steps, it will never be a big issue to get access to the important and exclusive U.S based content.

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