Make Your Quarantine Super-Fun With These Online Games

Have you or someone you know been quarantined because of the symptoms of COVID-19? If yes, the period of isolation must be going tough. However, there’s nothing to worry about when you have your Smartphones and laptops with you to make your quarantine easier.

The game developers understand how difficult the period of isolation becomes for the patients, and this is what has made them come up with the most advanced games for them, where they connect virtually with their friends and enjoy the best games as pastimes.

Whether it’s MPL’s Cricket Fantasy League or Call of Duty, you can play the games with friends and make your period of quarantine worth the time. Let’s shortlist some of the best online games that make your quarantine super-fun:

Cricket Fantasy League

Is cricket your passion? Do you miss playing the sport in your locality with friends? Well, Cricket Fantasy League could be a blessing for you if you want to relive those moments with the same set of friends once again. Choose a reputed online platform, select the game, invite your friends to join, and begin. It’s that simple.

As a user, you will be asked to form a team with 11 members, who you can choose based on whoever you think will play better. Choosing options like MPL’s Cricket Fantasy League would be great as such sites are reputed and offer a safe and secure platform to share your information, be it related to your bank or your personal details if any.

Jackbox Games

When you choose this, you get a set of games to choose from. The options available are wide and you can select as per your taste and preference while keeping the choices of your friends in mind if you want them to join you for the same.

From trivia games to painting amusements, you get a lot of alternatives to pick from. You get Party Packs that contain six streaming games in all. You can subscribe to the same and spend some good times with friends virtually.

Codenames Online

Do you love guessing? This game is for you. It is a team-based fun and exciting word association game where the gamers have to guess codewords based on respective clues available. You can use the free online grids and may either play it alone or with friends as per your wish.

The gamers are allowed to share their screen via Google Hangout or Zoom. In addition, you can also copy the link on the board and send the same to friends for your screens to be shared virtually and coordinate well.

You can check out the sites offering these games and start guessing the codewords.


Ludo is a game that we all have enjoyed at some point of time in life. Isn’t it? But as we grew up, we hardly had time to sit together. Thanks to your quarantine that you will get an opportunity to connect with your near and dear ones one more time and enjoy the rolling of the dice and curiously waiting for the number you wish to get. Though it will be a virtual connection, the experience will perfectly be real.

Through an online generated code conveyed to the rest of your three friends, you all can connect and start the game. Reputed online platforms like the one offered by MPL and alike could be trusted so far as safety and security are the data shared is concerned.

Speed Chess

One of the most popular board games is chess, which not only gives you a fun experience but also lets you improve your mental capabilities. If you are in quarantine and missing your game with your dad or your bestie you can also play chess online on your Android device. Share the online generated code with the person you want to play chess with. Connect as soon as he enters the same code when asked for and you are ready to go.

There are online platforms that let you win various prizes too when you win the game or reach a certain point. Check them out and decide on where you want to play.

Call of Duty

Have you always aspired to be a shooter? Or are you fond of shooting games? If your response to the questions is yes, Call of Duty is an ideal choice for you in case you want to make your period of quarantine fun and exciting. You can join the already in members or you can also let your friends join you to play. The easy to navigate and the well-accessible interface are what make the game one of the most sought-after ones among teens as well as the mid-aged population. In fact, Call of Duty is for all irrespective of the age of the gamer.

Pokemon Go

Do you want your game to have real-life touch in it? In that case, download Pokemon Go on your Android and start searching for your prey. Though this game has been popular, it is not really meant for people belonging to all age groups. It is an attraction among the youngsters and is based on AR technology.

Though the location for the hunt was never confined, the lockdown made the developers restrict the travel of the gamers to their backyards and garden premises only. As a result, Pokemon Go is still what you can opt for to enjoy your quarantine.

Download the game and begin with it!

Free Fire

If your wave of anger against COVID-19 is not getting space to come out, play Free Fire. Kill the enemies in the game and feel like bursting out on the virus that caused you to stay locked in for real long. Ask your friends to join too. The game is easy to play and could be joined by anyone you want.

Choose the desired online platform and share the code with friends for them to join you.

So, what are you waiting for? You have a list of enough games to choose from. You just need to decide what you want to play and who you want to join you along. Enjoy your quarantine with these games and utilize your time in the best way possible.

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    Games like cube fps, blox hunt. they are fun and if you want to know how to unlock fps.

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