Important Factors to Consider When Installing a Solar Pool Heating System

Think about a day when you have done loads of work and are dead tired. What would be the first thing you would do after going home? What about a relaxing dip in the warm water?

A warm bath allows you to de-stress, relax muscles and improve blood circulation. It has thousands of benefits for your health. So why don’t you install a pool heating system? Oh, are you worried because of the electricity bill?

Well, if you live in a tropical country or a place where you can receive ample amounts of sunlight, then you can use solar power to heat your pool according to your liking.

Solar Pool Heating System

A solar pool heating system uses solar energy to heat your pool to the perfect temperature.

The whole system includes the following items:

The automatic flow control valve passes the water through and forth the solar collector. This process heats the water consistently without making it too hot or too cold.

Benefits Of Solar Pool Heating System

There are several benefits of installing a solar pool heating system for your swimming pool:

  • First, you can adjust your pool’s temperature without increasing your electricity bill.
  • At first, you may think that a solar pool heating system is more expensive than a traditional electric power pool heater. But even if you have to pay a high initial amount, you will save double the amount in the long run.
  • It comes with years of warranty so with proper maintenance you can enjoy the system for life long.
  • One of the other benefits of installing a solar pool heating system is that they are easy to use and maintain. You don’t even have to spend bucks on frequent maintenance.
  • You will only have to call a professional team once in a while for the service.
  • It is an eco-friendly way to adjust the temperature of your pool.
  • You can yield several health benefits from soaking in warm water without any fuss.
  • If you love swimming then you can enjoy the luxury of the perfect temperature with this system.

Key Factors to Consider While Installing Solar Pool Heating System

Solar Pool Heater

You can easily find different types of solar heating systems in the market at various prices. They offer different warranty years. You should not get inclined by the price and choose the one that will last long.

Size Of Your System

The first thing you should consider is the size of the system. For this you have to consider various things, for example, pool size, climatic condition, pool temperature, your need, collector, etc.

For the basics, the surface area of the collector should be half or equal to the surface area of your pool. You can alter the ratio according to the climate condition.

Material Of the Solar Collector

You can find two types of solar full collectors in the market- glazed, unglazed, and semi-glazed.

If you live in an area where the temperatures are always above freezing point then you can use an unglazed collector system to heat your pool water.

On the other hand, if you live in very cold weather that is always below freezing point and you have to choose a glazed collector system. They capture heat more efficiently than unglazed ones and can work efficiently in cold regions.

Similarly, you can use a semi-glazed collector if you live in a windy region.

Solar Collector

You should also ensure that the solar collector receives maximum exposure to sunlight otherwise it will not be able to generate energy to heat the pool.

You can install the collectors on the roof at a tilted angle to increase the exposure. Also, try to install the system on the south-facing roof or rack.

However, if you live in an area that does not receive sunlight, you have to reconsider the idea of getting a solar heating system.

Control Valve

You can find two different types of control systems in the market: a manual and an automatic one. You should choose one according to your convenience. For the manual one, you will have to turn on and off the valve to along or stop the water from flowing in the collector.

On the other hand, the automatic system will automatically detect the temperature of the pool and the collector and stop or allow the water to flow through the collector.

Pump Size

You should also consider the pool pump you are buying. You have to choose the pump carefully to control the water flow.

If the pump passes the water too fast, it will not be heated. And if it passes too slowly, it will overheat. You should choose the correct pool to ensure the perfect temperature of the water.

Climatic Condition

You should understand the climatic condition of your locality to use the Solar full heating system in the best way possible. If you live in a windy region then you should use a semi-glazed solar collector for best performance. Also, you can use the pool cover to prevent heat loss.

Covered Or Uncovered Pool

For the best use of the system, you need to consider whether you keep your pool covered or uncovered. If you keep the pool covered then you can retain 70% of the heat observed by the water. Otherwise, the water will lose heat at night.

The Color of The Pool Floor

You should also consider the color of your pool floor to regulate the temperature of the water. A dark color would retain the heat more than a light one due to radiation.


Solar swimming pool heaters are eco-friendly and budget-friendly ways to control the temperature of the pool water. While you will have to invest a decent amount of money initially, it will definitely be beneficial in the long run. Also, when the electricity cost is increasing day by day, it is always a smart choice to switch to an alternative option.

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