How to Nail Your Next Virtual Meeting? Tips and Tools to Make your Next Online Meeting a Success

Do you ever find yourself dreading virtual meetings? You’re not alone. Many people find them a necessary evil – a way to stay connected without having to be in the same room. But virtual meetings can be so much more than that! Virtual meetings can be effective and engaging with a little bit of preparation. Here are some tips on how to make your next virtual meeting a success.

1. Check you have the right equipment (good quality headset, microphone and webcam).

Quality matters when it comes to having the right equipment for video conferences and meetings. A high-quality headset or microphone is essential for clear sound during calls. Similarly, having a webcam is necessary for visual participation in meetings. Before any calls, take a few extra minutes to test your mic and camera settings. Listen closely to your voice when testing mics and make sure the sound levels are not too low and you can hear yourself.

For cameras, check if the resolution is up to date and the lighting works well on screen. Before participating in online activities, these simple preparations will help ensure smooth multimedia collaboration with colleagues or class members.

2. Preparing Your Equipment for a Virtual Meeting – Test your equipment in advance to avoid any technical issues during the meeting.

Test your equipment to ensure your next meeting or virtual session runs smoothly. Checking your technical setup is essential for any great virtual collaboration. Make sure to test the quality of your microphone, video camera, and device so you can have the best experience with your colleagues or peers. You can also test your video camera online using a simple video recording tool beforehand to give yourself a better chance of avoiding any technical issues during the meeting. Ensuring everything is up and running will guarantee a more efficient and effective interaction and create a successful virtual environment.

Test your webcam with an online video recorder tool (source:

Before joining a virtual meeting, it’s also important to ensure your microphone is working properly. This will ensure that other participants can hear you. To test your microphone, you can use an online voice recording tool. Simply open the website, hit the record button, and speak into your microphone. Once you’re finished, play back the recording to ensure your voice is coming through clearly.

By taking the time to test your equipment before a virtual meeting, you can ensure that you’ll be able to communicate effectively with other participants.

3. Dress as though you’re meeting in person. First impressions count!

When you meet a person for the first time, no matter if it is in person or over a video call, many people believe that first impressions count. Dressing up as though you were meeting in person makes a difference, showing your confidence and respect for the situation. Furthermore, wearing clothing that you feel comfortable in and portrays professionalism can help icebreaker questions to flow seamlessly. Adopting this approach will put you in the best position to make a great first impression on others! The difference between online meetings vs. in-person meetings is that you can be formally dressed from the waist up, and the participants will not notice the difference.

6. Pay attention to your body language and keep eye contact with the camera.

Having proper body language while participating in an online meeting or presentation is essential. Making sure your body language conveys comfort and confidence is important to engaging your audience and communicating effectively. Additionally, making eye contact with the camera allows others to feel like they are part of the conversation instead of someone outside looking in. Rather than looking at the screen all the time, keep eye contact with the camera. Be your meeting for vlogging, webcasting, or video streaming for remote work; eye contact plays a key role. Nvidia Maxine Eye Contact helps to overcome this problem, but if you don´t have that technology, you can pay special attention to keeping eye contact with the camera.

Original vs. Eye Contact version for an Online Meeting (source: NVidia)

Looking toward the screen can make it seem like all attention is on it, distancing you from those watching. Paying attention to body language and having direct eye contact with the camera will ensure a positive interaction with those participating in your virtual event.

5. Find a quiet place to meet, so you won’t be interrupted by background noise or distractions.

Finding a place to concentrate and have productive meetings without interruption or distraction is critical for a successful meeting presentation. Whether you’re looking for a conference room, library space, coworking phone booths, empty office, or cafe, find a quiet space that suits your needs.

Quiet spaces can range from professional boardrooms to relaxed outdoor patios – the key is to find one that not only blocks out any potential background noise but also puts everyone in the space into an atmosphere suited for effective conversations. With preparation and attentiveness to what kind of distractions could be present at your allotted meeting space, finding the right environment to brainstorm ideas and have productive conversations can become second nature.

6. Prepare an Agenda slide so you can stay on track during the meeting.

It is always beneficial to ensure that you have an agenda for the presentation or meeting. A well-prepared agenda for upcoming meetings can help to organize the work and keep your participants aligned. When agenda presentations are prepared ahead of time, this allows for more efficiency and a higher likelihood of staying on track during the meeting. This prior preparation can positively contribute to the outcome by streamlining the agenda so that topics can be discussed orderly. Therefore, it is important to assemble the presentation of your online meeting and any relevant materials before attending a meeting. If you need help preparing an agenda slide for your presentation, you can rely on editable agenda templates for PowerPoint or Google Slides. 


If you follow these tips, you should be well on your way to hosting a successful virtual meeting that will help further your business goals.

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