How To Improve Your Local Online Presence!

Mumbai is the commercial capital of the country. Due to this, there is a high potential for services like local SEO for Mumbai based businesses. Also, since a host of multinational organizations are based out of Mumbai, SEO in Mumbai is always in high demand. Particularly in the current pandemic situation and even otherwise, it is always advisable for businesses to make sure that they dedicate some amount of resources in making their digital assets Search Engine friendly.

This is necessary because a lot of prospective clients and customers are always searching for various products and services online. If you happen to own a local business like a ship-owner, salon, office or are engaged in any other service in Mumbai, availing the best SEO company Mumbai can help you reach out to a large number of clients and customers.  

To make sure that your SEO performs optimally, the following are some of the key elements that need to be in place. 

Creating a Local Landing Page

Several local SEO strategies can bring positive returns on investment. One of the most important among them is creating a local landing page. This page is specifically designed to help you rank higher in local search results. For instance, when a Mumbai-based user searches for say “Top Hair Salons in Mumbai” or “Best Hair Salon near me”, Google automatically perceives that the geographical search intent in these cases is local. So the results displayed are only for local entities.

A local landing page provides relevant content and information to your target audience. It can be easily done through the strategic use of local keywords. On the whole, it is a landing page that has been tailor-made to suit the requirements of your local audience, be it the search phrases, queries, vital information, contact details, and so on. As an entrepreneur, if you want to easily reach out to clients in Mumbai or even a specific area of suburban Mumbai, then the best way forward is to outsource your requirements to a reliable company that is SEO company Mumbai.

Using a Store Locator

A large number of potential customers directly search Google for stores near them and seek directions. Therefore adding a store locator will help customers in your neighborhood and adjoining localities to reach your store easily.

Local SEO focuses on the ability of customers to reach you easily. It also addresses all their queries in one go and gives them the option of contacting you, if required. Any digital marketing professional engaged in the field of improving SEO in Mumbai will tell you that adding a store locator expedites the whole process of the customer finding you. Also, it enhances the overall user experience and improves your local search ranking significantly.

An ideal store locator should not only provide the name and address of your store, but it should also have a phone number, location on Google Maps, opening and closing hours, FAQs, and reviews. 

Social Media for Mumbai-based businesses

The optimal use of your social media pages can further enhance your local search rankings and online visibility as a local products/services provider. An updated and well-made Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter profiles will significantly enhance the credibility of your business for the online audience.

A consistent business name, logo, and description of your offerings across social media channels can assist your local SEO efforts greatly. Although social media doesn’t directly impact local SERPs in any way, you will surely benefit from the links and citations on your website. Some customers may find you on Search Engines and then look at your social media profiles to cross-check. So consistent branding, good reviews, likes, etc. are always an add-on. 

Understanding the Business Environment in Mumbai

Being the commercial, financial, cosmopolitan, and entertainment capital of India, Mumbai is known for its fast-paced business environment. As an entrepreneur, if you want to stay ahead of your competitors, then it is vital to have a well-crafted local SEO plan.

It is likely that your business has been affected by the pandemic, and now is the time to reach out to a wider set of audience with the best SEO strategies.

Tailor-made local SEO Strategies for Greater Online Visibility

Experts in the field of SEO India always focus on creating customized digital campaigns to meet the exact requirements of the business. When it comes to online marketing and SEO, a one-size-fits-all approach can never work. While some businesses may require local SEO strategies to gain ground, others in expansion mode may need to reach out to potential clients in a wider geographic area.

So if you reach out to an agency or professional engaged in the field of providing SEO in India, always communicate your exact needs. A holistic but focussed SEO campaign will certainly improve your search ranking and bring in increased organic traffic and conversions.

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