How to Get Started as a Professional Gamer

Challenging ourselves through games has been a tried-and-true tradition amongst humanity since the very beginning. The only difference between the Olympics and a video gamer are the skills used. At the end of the day, the concept is the same: you’re putting yourself and your skills to the test. It’s for this reason that professional e-gaming has become so popular.

The good news for those who love video games, of course, is that you don’t need to focus solely on competing directly against others in an online tournament or game in order to transition your passion into a career.

Story-based games are another phase of a long-loved tradition in humanity. From oral stories, to written stories, to putting stories on the screen, humanity has always been one to love a tale and feel immersed in the telling of it. Today, of course, you can now take that immersion to the next level.

It can be tough to get started as a professional gamer, but with this guide, you’ll know where to start.

Create Your Brand

The first step is to establish your brand. This will be a mixture of what you focus on, your personality, and even what type of videos you produce. You can be a streamer only, for example, or you can create short form improve content that’s based around video games. There is no single template, and you can even create a new approach if that best fits you.

Creating Content

Regardless of what type of professional gamer you aspire to be, you’ll need to create content. This means having video capture technology, a good enough camera and mic, and have everything set up. Part of this will even mean having a good or iconic background so you can visually stand out.

While you can use Twitch to live stream your videos, this limits your overall audience. To grow you’ll want to create shorter videos and stills that you can then post to YouTube and the other social media channels.

Marketing and SEO

When you want to make a name for yourself you need to understand how to market your brand, and how to use SEO in order to boost your efforts. Both options will differ drastically based on each platform that you use. A marketing and SEO strategy for YouTube, for example, is to use hashtags. Which are the right ones? How many should you use? How can you improve your approach? For these answers, you can go through this guide to YouTube hashtags. When it comes to marketing on other channels, you’ll need to investigate best practices and how to use all the tools available to you. Create your own approach and try new things. Making mistakes is the best way to learn.


When you want to make a name for yourself, one of the best ways to grow, market and further your skills is by collaborating. This is how you’ll meet people, have fun, and grow your audience. Many people love watching ensemble casts, so if you find a group or a few others you vibe with really well, this can bolster your marketing efforts substantially.

In some cases, collaborating will mean competing in drawn up competitions. Regardless of how you collaborate, making it a consistent goal.

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