How to Get Cashback When Renting a Car in the UK

It is undoubtedly easier to get around using a car and when you are a tourist in a foreign country, hiring a car can certainly make your trip more convenient and let you have all the necessary things at your disposal. Besides, you could plan to include multiple locations into your itinerary and even visit two or more cities in one day. If you are being smart about your budget and would like to save some money on transportation, in this case, car hiring in economy class could be an option, or you could try to get some cashback on car rental in the UK. Here are some options to try to get your money back.

Use credit card cashback

Quite frequently credit card companies offer cashback of different sizes on various kinds of goods and services, so it is essential to check what your service provider offers at any given moment. This way of getting back some of your expenses could be especially helpful to those who have a few credit cards or would like to apply for a card at the moment. This way you could compare the offers of different companies and choose the one that will benefit you at the moment or long term. But make sure not to fall for the highest percentage straight away, it is better to study the terms and conditions carefully and select the ones that suit your situation.

Show brand loyalty

Sometimes it pays to use a car rental service repeatedly since there could be perks for a returning customer. In this case, you have to read through the offers of multiple service providers and find the one with the best bonuses on offer. But be reasonable as well, because if you do not travel internationally, but rather domestically, then it makes sense to find a local company and vice versa, if you mostly do global trips, then you need a car rental service that has offices in multiple countries. Cheap car rentals in Leeds, for instance, could be offered by a few businesses, so it is up to you to find one that corresponds to your requirements.

Check the insurance

Even if your credit card offers no cashback on car rentals, it could still benefit you by providing an insurance cover, so do not jump the gun and spring for a separate car rental insurance. It is vital to study the fine print in the insurance contract offered by the credit card company and the ones on offer at a car rental, and then you could settle on the option that is the most appropriate for your particular situation. Evidently, it will also depend on whether you are an experienced driver or not and in the case of the UK, whether you have ever driven a car on the left. It is worth calculating all the possible risks and then you could easily see if you need an extended type of insurance cover.

Check auto club memberships

There are a few car clubs in the Uk that offer some sublime conditions for those who are into road trips. Some of them offer rental hourly fees while others could get you discounts on petrol as well and UK car hire. More often than not you have to pay a fee to join and make some annual donations, but the benefits will likely outweigh the costs. These clubs usually have offices throughout the country and if you follow their newsletters, you will obtain some excellent deals on vehicles, accommodation, and even events. Even though it might seem like an unnecessary expense, it will actually benefit you in the end, particularly if you are looking for cars cheap hiring.

Do your research

When you are about to hire a car, you will surely need to do some research online, especially if it is your first time in the country. YOu will need to compare the prices online and find the best suitable contract for your particular needs. It is critical to set aside some time to read all the fine print in the contracts to avoid further surprises, but this way you will also be on the lookout for bargains or special deals. Also if you are planning a trip in advance, you might encounter some coupons or special promotions to save up on a car rental.

All in all, when you are hiring a car you will certainly be able to save up some money or get some cashback to cut the costs and make your trip budget smaller. Just be smart in your choices and do proper research online.

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