How do The Virtual Numbers for SMS work?

Many websites and mobile apps have begun to require a phone number when registering in recent years. This practice has become very common, especially for mobile applications designed for everyday use, such as social networks, banking apps or online stores.

The main reason companies ask for a phone number is to verify the user’s identity. This allows them to ensure that the account was created by a person with valid personal information and that the user can receive SMS messages with verification codes or one-time passwords.

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Mandating a phone number also makes it easier for companies to contact customers and allow them to provide personalized information and offers. This allows users to receive notifications of special promotions, as well as information about changes in services and products that matter to them.

However, not all users are willing to provide a personal phone number when registering, so that they don’t receive tons of annoying spam in the form of calls and SMS in the future. What should you do if you simply can’t register on a website without a phone number? Do not hurry to get upset, there is a solution. In such cases, a virtual phone number for receiving SMS will help you. What is it and how to use it, let’s understand. 

Here is an explanation of what a virtual phone number is

Virtual SMS numbers are a tool which allows you to receive text messages without having a physical SIM card or even a mobile device. These types of numbers are becoming increasingly popular around the world as they offer users many benefits, such as anonymity, privacy, and time savings.

How do Virtual SMS Numbers work?

Virtual SMS numbers work by forwarding text messages from specialized hardware to a web interface. This means that the user does not need to use a physical phone to receive SMS messages. Instead, messages are redirected to a virtual number which the user can manage through a personal account in their browser.

Advantages of Virtual SMS Numbers:

  • Anonymity – these SMS numbers allow the user to remain anonymous because they do not require an actual phone number and are not tied to a device, a location or a user in any way.
  • Privacy – Virtual numbers protect the user’s privacy as they allow communication without disclosing real personal information.
  • Time saving – With virtual SMS numbers a user does not need to use a physical phone and stand in a queue to get a SIM card, this will save you a lot of time.
  • Mobility – This type of cellular numbers are extremely portable, which means they can be used wherever there is internet access.

How do I use Virtual SMS Numbers?

To use virtual SMS numbers, you have to choose a service provider which offers this type of tool and register on their website. After registering, the user gets access to a free SMS number which can be managed through a special application or web portal. 

Detailed instructions on how to use virtual phone numbers via SMS-man: 

  1. Create an account and log in to your personal profile on the SMS-man service.
  2. Go to the top up page in the side menu on the right. Choose the payment option that suits you best and top up your account.
  3. On the main page choose the country you want to get a virtual number for.
  4. Choose a service you want to get a virtual number for. For example, if you want to register an account on the social network Facebook, enter the name in the search box.
  5. Select the service and click “Buy”.

After completing these simple steps, the virtual phone number will be instantly added to your personal account and is fully ready for use.


In general, virtual SMS numbers are a tool which allows receiving text messages conveniently and safely without disclosing personal information. If you care about privacy and want to control your communications, virtual SMS numbers are definitely worth considering.

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