How Cristiano Ronaldo influences virtual football

Top athletes always influence the world of sports betting. Ismail Nugroho talks about this with the example of Cristiano Ronaldo.

Virtual football is a relatively new discipline for bookmakers to bet on. Virtual football has a few differences from real football: matches last 4-5 minutes, the course of the meeting is completely determined by artificial intelligence. Otherwise, virtual football is exactly the same as real football.

There are original compositions of players and coaches, real teams and national teams. In addition to all this there are several indicators that affect the course of the game: the motivation of the team, the level of professionalism, the chosen tactics, the position of the team in the standings. Each player also has individual indicators that also need to be taken into account. An online casino India real money offers to bet on different types of marquee.

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the most popular players of the last 15 years, who still continues his football career and remains in the top of the highest paid footballers. Cristiano is considered to be the most effective striker in the history of football, scoring 855 goals for clubs and the national team in his career from 2002 to date.

Ronaldo greatly influences the efficiency of clubs and the national team in real football in technical terms and also boosts the morale of the team.

Ronaldo’s influence on virtual football

Virtual football teams completely copy the composition of real teams: players, coaches. Real tactics are also adopted and the possibility of changing them during the match.

The individual characteristics of each player change the overall characteristics of the team. Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the most powerful players, on par with Lionel Messi. Cristiano’s presence in the team automatically raises the status of the team and its capabilities on the pitch.

Let’s consider the indicators that influence the outcome of the match:

  • Position of the team in the standings. Depending on the team’s status, the artificial intelligence determines the standings. This table shows which team is strongest: the weakest teams are at the end of the list and the strongest teams are at the beginning of the list. The position of the team in the standings directly affects the odds offered by the bookmaker. The lower the team in the standings – the higher the odds on its victory, because this event is unlikely. Accordingly, the teams at the top of the list have low odds for victory, because it is quite a probable event. The presence of strong players such as Ronaldo in a team automatically increases the team’s position in the standings, reducing the odds of winning.
  • Player characteristics and their changes during the season. Each player has unique characteristics. They will gradually decrease over the course of the tournament to match the players’ actual health and motivation. If a team has a lot of players with low characteristics, the probability of winning is significantly reduced. Players like Cristiano initially have very high characteristics. Even though they may drop slightly during the season, they will still be at a high level and have a positive effect on the game. This increases the probability of a win or draw.
  • The motivation level of the players. Another important metric that artificial intelligence relies on when simulating matches and determining a winner is the motivation level of the players. This is a variable indicator that depends on the results of previous matches. If the previous matches were victorious, the motivation level of the players increases, which increases the probability of the team winning the next matches. Cristiano Ronaldo in virtual football, as well as in real football is one of the most effective goal scorers. He scores most of the goals in the games and thus also raises the motivation level of the rest of the team.
  • Team tactics. Ronaldo is a strong goal scorer, bringing most of the goals for the clubs. Playing a 2 striker tactic already has a big chance of at least a draw. A 3 striker tactic, led by Ronaldo, can guarantee a 70-80% chance of winning the match.

Ronaldo’s presence in the team has a positive effect on the overall strength of the club, as well as on the motivation of all team members. Cristiano’s club has a 60-70% probability of winning, and sometimes the figure goes up to 90%, depending on the opponent. However, this affects the odds and a win will not bring a lot of money.

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