Best FMWhatsApp Tricks that Every User Should Know

If we talk about WhatsApp Mods then there are lots of WhatsApp Mods available on the Internet today. But, If we talk about the best WhatsApp modes then we have only a few WhatsApp Mods that are the best. So, This article is all about the best mod of the WhatsApp messaging App.

The Mod WhatsApp app we are going to talk about in this article is called FMWhatsApp. Are you very curious to know about FMWhatsApp?

Do you want to know what features that make FMWhatsApp a better app than official WhatsApp? Well, read this post you will get to know all about the app called FMWhatsApp.

At the present time, WhatsApp is playing an essential role in our daily lives, Using WhatsApp we can send a text message in a second. Even we can share media files in a few seconds.

However, There are people who are using WhatsApp for their business too. I am sure FMWhatsApp will be useful for every user either you use WhatsApp for business or personal use.

Best FMWhatsApp Tricks

What is FMWhatsApp

FMWhatsApp is the Modified version of WhatsApp. In other words, We can say FMWhatsApp is the more advanced version of the WhatsApp messaging App.

There are billions of users in the world who are using WhatsApp Messaging App. Even I can say, Every smartphone user in the world is using WhatsApp. So, As you know there are extremely talented people also exist in the world, these extremely talented people always try to do some creative stuff.

Therefore someone extremely talented person found some drawbacks in the official WhatsApp messaging App and he considered that it should be improved and he improved the app and added some extra features in the WhatsApp and named it FMWhatsApp.

People are choosing FMWhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus or GBWhatsApp over WhatsApp official messaging application because of the extra features in these apps.

Download FMWhatsApp Latest Version

Do you want to download FMWhatsApp but whenever you search “FMWhatsApp” on Google Play you get “WhatsApp” in the result?

As you are here on this website, You don’t have to worry now. You will be about to download FMWhatsApp from our website.

We have given the download link for FMWhatsApp APK.

Download FMWhatsApp APK Latest version.

Best FMWhatsApp Tricks that Every User Should Know

In this section of this post, we are going to let you about the tricks that you can apply in FMWhatsApp to enjoy the app more.

These following tricks will work only if you are using FMWhatsApp.

1. Chat Lock

As a WhatsApp user, you must have noticed that official WhatsApp lacks basic security features. But, If you use FMWhatsApp then you can keep you WhatsApp messages secure by using app lock trick of FMWhatsApp.

FMWhatsApp Supports almost every basic app lock system like- Pin, Pattern, and Fingerprint.

Isn’t is a great feature for you?

Well, I hope It is such a great feature for you to keep your WhatsApp Messages secure.

How to use Chat Lock feature?

Tap on any Chat –> Now Click on triple dots on the top right –> Lock Conversation.

Best FMWhatsApp Tricks Image 2

2. Call Filter

Call filter is another great feature in FMWhatsApp. While using WhatsApp we get lots of unknown calls. We can block such calls using FMWhatsApp.

Call filter is a very useful feature for Girls especially. Usually, What happens is, when a girl joins a WhatsApp group she starts getting lots of unknown calls. So, if you are a girl then you should try FMWhatsApp for filtering out the calls.

How to use Call Filter?

Tap on triple dots on the top right –> Fouad Mods –> Privacy –> Who Can Call Me?

Best FMWhatsApp Tricks Image 3

3. Chats Trick

Chatting is the core feature of WhatsApp and It is the only feature that made this app this much popular. At the initial days of the app, there was no option to make a voice call or video calls.

However, FMWhatsApp has some cool feature that you can use.

Best FMWhatsApp Tricks Image 4

Anti-Delete Messages

Nowadays, WhatsApp has added a feature that is being misused by many users and that feature is “delete a message for both”. Yes, Now while having chat with your friend you can delete sent messages from your friend’s phone too.

Using FMWhatsApp you can stop your friends to delete messages that they have sent to you.

Blue Tick After Reply

When messages get delivered to you and you read them then WhatsApp shows double blue ticks in senders phone just below the message.

But, If you are using FMWhatsApp then you will have an option to Hide Blue Ticks.

If you turn on “Blue Trick After Reply” feature then blue ticks will work only when you reply to any message.

Other Chatting Features

You can Hide blue ticks for Contact and Groups.

You can Hide Second ticks for Contact and Groups.

You can Hide Typing status FMWhatsApp.

You will be able to Hide  Recording status and Blue Microphone too.

4. Freeze Last Seen

When you use WhatsApp for a period of time then it shows “Online” as the status. But, When you quit the app then the status turns into the “Last Seen”.

Using FMWhatsApp you can freeze last seen.

To freeze last seen follow the steps below-

Tap on triple dots –> Privacy –> Freeze Last Seen

Best FMWhatsApp Tricks Image 5

5. Hide View Status

If you don’t want to let your WhatsApp friends know that you have watched or seen their status then you can Hide View Status in FMWhatsApp.

How to hide view status in FMWhatsApp?

Tap on triple dots –> Privacy –> Hide View Status

Best FMWhatsApp Tricks Image 6

6. Themes

Many people love to experiment with mobile apps, they try to change the theme, font, and logs. If you are one of them then try FMWhatsApp.

FMWhatsApp has a library of themes you can always select the best theme for you.

How to get a new theme in FMWhatsApp?

Tap on triple dots –> YoThemes –> Download YoThemes

Best FMWhatsApp Tricks Image 7

7. Some more basic features in FMWhatsApp

  • You can play with colors
  • You can change font styles
  • you can lock FMWhatsApp
  • In FMWhatsApp you can set custom lock wallpaper
  • Even you can Hide media from the gallery

Well, I hope this post is helpful for you guys. If you have any suggestion or query the please leave a comment.


  1. When i have sent a message i cant see the blue tik after the recipient receives the message… It only shows the two tiks
    My fm whatsapp is also haging alot
    When i update status i cnt seen those who have viewed them…how do collect this plz

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