End-to-end analytics for your business. Concepts and features.

Many have probably heard the phrase “end-to-end analytics”, but not everyone understands what it is and why it should be carried out. And in general, analytics is a lot of big companies, isn’t it? Various services will help you find a business engagement model just for you. Treat their choice responsibly.

What tasks can end-to-end analytics solve, its advantages for business

End-to-end analytics combines data across different marketing channels, taking into account indicators such as return on marketing investment (ROI), cost per sale / client (presence of repeat sales), unit profit, etc. Why is it needed:

  • Allows you to understand where the client came from. This is especially useful when multiple sources are used at the same time. If the information received shows that, for example, out of 3 channels, 80% of customers come to you thanks to contextual advertising, then is it worth investing in the other two.
  • Advertising campaign optimization. An ROI assessment will help you understand which marketing channels or keywords are not working, what you can refuse, where it is more profitable to send funds.
  • Improved audience segmentation. You can better understand your target audience, its motives and values, what triggers work.
  • Identifying places in the sales funnel where money is lost. This will improve performance by increasing efficiency.

Still not sure what end-to-end analytics is worth? Then we list its additional advantages:

  • Data collection from different sources occurs automatically. Existing services independently collect information from CRM, analytics services (Google Ads, Yandex.Direct), mail, chat, phone call accounting programs and combine them. Those. not only online, but also offline channels are taken into account.
  • Calculation of the required indicators and providing them in a convenient form for decision-making. All information is combined on one platform.
  • You can track the entire sales funnel, from specific keywords to the moment of purchase, by evaluating its effectiveness through specific metrics.
  • Prompt receipt of information on how investments pay off allows you to respond in a timely manner – to increase the budget, restructure it, or completely stop the advertising campaign.
  • End-to-end analytics are real indicators of the effectiveness of funds invested in advertising. It is carried out using special services in automatic mode.

Summing up

Previously, while all advertising was offline, and there were no clear criteria for evaluating the funds invested in a campaign, it was difficult to talk about effectiveness. Today, there are clear metrics that allow you to quickly understand what should be done in the current situation: continue, adjust placement, or collapse attachments. Understand this and allows end-to-end analytics.

Now there are automatic services that independently carry out all the calculations, depending on the goals of the campaign. Convenient provision of information using end-to-end analytics helps to make the right management decision, to see where the failure occurs in the sales funnel.

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