Electric Cars, Here Are The Technological Innovations Coming

Battery-powered cars are at the center of future mass mobility that will radically change their use in a more ecological key. On September 20, Tesla has announced innovations on the battery front.

In less than ten years, electric cars will offer economical and convenient drive technology for buyers of new cars that are no longer just premium. Certainly the hybrids in their infinite variables will still have a major weight for a long time to come and for reasons of practicality. But the future seems to be 100% electric. Among the innovations awaited those of Tesla which should devalue batteries capable of guaranteeing an autonomy equal to those of cars with a thermal engine.

Batteries for long journeys at more affordable costs

Another critical variable for the time being are the prices of electricity, which mainly affect the costs of batteries. Also in this case, the technique evolves rapidly and there are also short accumulators capable of costing much less, without however reducing their autonomy. Indeed increasing it to levels of a car with a thermal engine.

Doing so will solve another criticality of today’s electric, the ability to guarantee a higher average mileage and allow the use of electric on long journeys like the new Nissan Ariya. We are finally on the eve of driving on the road only in electric mode.

The over a million mile battery is ready

Until recently CATL, the Chinese battery-making giant had said it was capable of producing batteries that could travel around one million miles. Today it goes further, announcing the 1.25 million mile milestone. In addition, the new batteries manufactured by CATL’s Chinese will be able to last for 16 years before encountering a significant decline in performance.

This means that also from the point of view of the life cycle, CALT will be able to double the useful life of the batteries before the time of recycling or even dismantling.

To cut costs there is the rental of the battery

Even though China is the largest market in the world for electric vehicles and has leadership in the sector, the battery still remains the most expensive component to lower the price of access to electric mobility. Nio the Chinese car brand has studied a business model to reduce this burden, passing through the ES6 model of Nio itself from a price, including battery, of 49,600 dollars, about 42,150 euros, to a reduced price list of 39,500 dollars or 33,570 euros. To which to add the monthly rental of the batteries for a total of 110 euros. And dedicated spaces are being studied to replace the batteries.

The recharge can also be requested with the app.

The robot does everything, from opening the door where the charging socket is located to connecting the plug to disconnecting the cable at the end of the charge: the entire charging process takes place without any human interaction.

Volkswagen is experimenting with it for a solution that can find application in parking lots, a kind of mobile booster, a real robot capable of reaching the vehicle to recharge its batteries through a transfer of energy transferred with a connection that can be activated thanks to a ‘application. The mobile booster has around 25 kWh of energy on board.

The safest battery in the world? The blade one

This is what the Chinese producer BYD claims that by presenting it he wanted to give the launch event the sober title of The battery with unsheathed blade to protect the world. What is certain, given the presence on the stage also of the president and CEO of BYD, Wang Chuanfu, is that the company strongly believes in this technology.

And, on the other hand, that of exploding and burning batteries was a problem that, sooner or later, had to be faced and solved. BYD confirms that it succeeded because it passed the perforation test without any problems.

We are talking about hydrogen again, albeit for the future

Hydrogen is today one of the great innovations of the energy market. If, in fact, in the past it was to be considered out of the market because it cost more or less 40 times more than oil, today, however, which is only worth 5 times more than oil, the opportunities have changed. Based on recent studies, it could be possible to produce hydrogen at more competitive costs within 5 years using infrastructures that already exist.

And in this regard, Europe could lead to a new life of hydrogen. We’ll see. If you are looking to buy an electric car and you need cash, you might consider selling your car for cash. For easy cash for cars procedure, contact Cars Wanted Newcastle.

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