Digital Technology That Can Help The Cannabis Business Industry

Dispensaries have many challenges in managing inventory for amnesia autoflower and other cannabis products.Hence, the current technology is not designed for the scale and complexity of this industry. A restaurant may have 30 menu items to manage; a dispensary may have hundreds or even thousands. The amount of data to track requires extensive attribution and data capture. Blockchain technology offers a solution. The cannabis industry is ripe for this kind of technology. Flowhub, Outlaw Technology, and Releaf app are all examples of these solutions. 


Flowhub is a technology that can be used to streamline cannabis business transactions. Flowhub’s POS system can automatically report information to state compliance tracking systems, replacing a laborious manual process. In addition, the system can be customized to fit the needs of specific cannabis businesses. Flowhub has partnered with other technology companies, including Aeropay, to provide its services to the cannabis business industry.

Flowhub is a software provider for the cannabis industry, which can help dispensaries manage their point-of-sale, inventory tracking, and more. It connects cannabis retailers with leading data analytics, helping dispensaries make better business decisions. Flowhub is a founding member of the U.S. Cannabis Council, and has given away more than $3 million in free software through its social equity program. The company is privately held and focuses on remote operations and is committed to helping cannabis businesses thrive.

Outlaw Technology

As the cannabis business industry continues to expand, the need for advanced technology is becoming even more important. Blockchain, access control, AI, and IoT have all found application in the cannabis business. These new innovations help businesses streamline their operations while keeping costs low and the end product quality high. The industry has seen many technological advancements over the last decade, including better harvests and increased production efficiency. These new technologies help businesses associate with their customers and guarantee quality safety standards. They also give consumers a variety of cannabis products to choose from.

One of the latest developments in the cannabis industry uses artificial intelligence (AI). This technology can help growers and processors automate data entry, reducing inventory and harvest time. AI is also being used to track consumer data. Startups like Eaze, which developed an app for marijuana delivery, are leveraging AI to predict demand and supply. They then adjust inventory accordingly. Outlaw Technology can help the cannabis business industry.

Releaf app

The Releaf app brings mindful management of marijuana into the cannabis business. The D.C.-based startup, MoreBetter, wants to make it easy to catalog, track, and record the various strains and variations of marijuana. With this information, patients can find the most effective strains and products. The app can be helpful for patients suffering from appetite loss and nausea. It can also be useful for cannabis business owners and medical dispensaries.

The Releaf app enables users to track products and dosing, as well as their experience, symptoms, and feelings. It also helps them to share their experience with others. Moreover, the app’s private and secure environment enables users to share information and data without fear of infringing on the privacy of others. For these reasons, the app has already received the attention of the FDA and the United States Department of Health.

Blockchain technology

If you are a member of the cannabis business industry, you may be wondering whether Blockchain technology can help your business. Although the cannabis industry is still in its infancy, there are already many ways that Blockchain technology can help. First, by eliminating paperwork, blockchain can make business transactions more transparent and reduce red tape. Then, with its ability to track assets, blockchain can be used for cannabis plant tracking. Governments are finally recognizing the potential of this technology, and even the largest cryptocurrency exchanges are beginning to work towards regulatory clarity.

Though cannabis is still federally illegal, banks have resisted using it for payment processing or other financial services for marijuana businesses. So, cannabis companies are increasingly turning to blockchain technology as a way to accept cryptocurrency payments and keep track of transactions. For example, Massachusetts-based cannabis company MassRoots has created a company called MassRoots Blockchain Technologies to explore blockchain technology and apply it to the cannabis industry. Its team plans to unveil its seed-to-sale tracking software in late-2018 or early 2019.

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