Developers: which technological stack to get started in the code?

In a world where technologies are constantly evolving, it is important to master a certain number of them to adapt to needs. In programming, languages, good practices, methods or the structure of databases follow the same path.

Where to start? Start first by defining a technological environment. It is a combination of programming languages, frameworks and tools that developers will use to create a website or application. And the two main components of any web application are what the client or user sees, the “front-end”, with all the elements of a site displayed on the screen and with which we can interact from a browser, and the server side called “back-end” where the applications and databases are also located. And last point, a software framework or infrastructure designates a set of tools and components at the base of software or an application. It is the framework, also called software structure, canvas, application base or framework, which establishes the foundations of a software or its application skeleton, as defined by the JDN. All the developers who use it can enrich it to improve its use.

Now, if you’re just entering the world of programming, choosing the right technology environment for your future might be a challenge, especially with so many new frameworks popping up regularly. At some point, you might even start confusing programming languages with software components and tools.

Not to mention that there are many ways to create a website on your own, such as with Squarespace or WordPress solutions. They are perfect when you want to make a fairly simple marketing website. Even experienced programmers take the opportunity to save time thanks to the models or “templates” made available and which are already very good. However, for the basics of programming, you need to know how to build a complete or “Full-Stack” application from scratch. There are some companies providing full stack development services but only a small part of them are really reliable. One of them is Jafton.

A common debate in the field of programming is whether new students should take the approach of mastering one language and framework or should they gain a broader understanding of many of these technologies. I think they should briefly look at all the techniques and solutions to get a better perspective of the technology environments in the market, but ultimately knowing one is best.

Why only one environment? First of all, in interviews or at work, no one competes for how many languages or frameworks you know. The basic concepts of programming are the same within each language, and for this reason, somewhat smart companies will allow you to work in whatever language you choose. If someone is able to do an excellent job in the face of all the challenges of developing in the C language, it would be a shame to deduct points from them because they don’t know JavaScript, which can be an alternative to server languages like PHP, Java or Python.

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