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Bingo is a long-standing game that’s been around for decades and enjoyed worldwide. Players have a card and mark off numbers as a bingo caller goes calling them. As online bingo continues to grow, it makes sense for online casinos and gaming sites to want to gain a better understanding of how their customers play this popular game.

Who’s up for playing Bingo? 

Games are developed to include different themes in various genres, and rooms are added all the time. Players can play whenever they want and wherever they choose. If you decide to play bingo at Paddy Power, you could find yourself in a historical setting, like in Scarab Fortunes, which is set against an Egyptian backdrop; perhaps fishing, in a game like Big Bass Bonanza, where players can catch a big fish; or playing in a bingo room based on popular TV game shows, like Deal or No Deal Bingo.

We know there are a variety of games and that there are currently around 4 million bingo players in Britain and around 100 million players worldwide, according to Optimove. In the past decade, the number of bingo players aged 45 years or younger has jumped from 46% to 62%.

With 80% of bingo players being women and 20% being men, it’s interesting to note that as the game gains traction online, there are increasingly more male players enjoying the game. But what if operators wanted a more detailed breakdown to cater to these audiences? A dashboard would be useful as it would enable operators to track and analyze data according to Microsoft. That’s where eGaming Monitor’s dashboard comes in.

The Monthly Casino Dashboard now includes Bingo

eGaming Monitor publishes its monthly casino dashboard which tracks over 40,000 casino games. These games have been developed for around 2,000 operators by roughly 800 studios working in the online gaming industry. However, it didn’t offer any details about its bingo data, until now. Operators and suppliers now have access to real-time data about bingo players and jackpots, so interactive reports can be produced.

By providing bingo market data that suppliers or operators own, on an hour-by-hour basis, by bingo room or type of bingo being played, it builds on eGaming’s existing databases of all gaming operators, suppliers, and games that are published monthly. 

It’s thought this information can be used to configure jackpots, tournaments, and timetabling of games. By filtering the information, operators and suppliers can retrieve all kinds of data, such as how well received special events and offers are received throughout the day.

Having access to more in-depth statistics will be a game changer for gaming operators and online casinos. It means that they’re better able to cater to the needs of their customers when it comes to games, promotions, and special offers. 

Operators could get a breakdown of specific demographics around the world, by gender, and time games are played, and change their business model according to the different needs of each one. By doing this, players don’t just win, but the gaming operators and online casinos do as well. 

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