Components of successful subject photography: preparation, frame, technique

Subject photo shoots as a tool are used in advertising, design, blogging, and SMM. An attractive picture is a way to sell goods faster or attract subscribers. To get it, you need to rely on a clear plan, be able to build a frame, and professionally solve technical problems.

Preparation stage

At this stage, the photographer should familiarize himself with the objects of shooting, and assess their features, gamma, and the presence of glare surface elements. At the same time, the client should discuss the main message that he wants to convey to the viewer. 

Even at the planning stage, the possibilities of future post-processing are envisaged. So, turning to the service, you will receive processing of any volume of photos in just one day. Such precision in terms of time allows you to accurately calculate the time of work and comply with deadlines.

The place of the photo session is also thought out in advance. You don’t have to go to a studio, you can set up the perfect box to work in at home. For the background use fabric or paper, beautiful shots are obtained on glass. A good idea for location – the “habitat” of the object. Jewelry looks spectacular on the velvet of a luxurious box, and a cup of coffee is better placed in a cozy kitchen. 

Frame Construction

When the location is found and the tripod is set, it’s time to move on to the photo shoot. The main task at this stage is to get the right shots. One way to solve it is to complement the main object with accessories. Like the thematic location, they depend on the “main character” itself: headphones are shot next to a stylish stand, a book – next to flowers, a pack of coffee – next to a smoking cup. Orient on the rules of complementarity of colors, when you build a frame with all its content. Too many items are visual garbage, so keep a balance.

Change angles as you work: the more sides of an object viewers see, the more information they get about it. Shoot details and general plans, collect whole albums – so the photo shoot will be interesting and effective for sales and promotion.

Technical secrets

A subject photo shoot requires the use of directional light. Without it, it is impossible to achieve clarity of the image and correct color rendering. Natural light is only suitable for shooting clothes or food. Shooting under daylight, make sure that the photo looks clear enough, it shows all the details, textures, and shades. Be sure to use a softbox or diffusers to avoid harsh shadows and harsh light patterns.

The aperture can be used in three ways. Maximum open, it will give a bokeh effect: the subject will be highlighted from the surroundings, and everything unnecessary will be blurred. A value of about 2.8 is suitable for shooting the main object surrounded by other objects or on the model: it will remain in the center of attention, but there will be no strong defocus on the rest of the frame. Medium or closed aperture is suitable for studio work when the subject is emphasized with professional light.

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