Best VPN Apps for Hulu: Access Hulu when you don’t live in the US or Japan

Founded in 2007, Hulu is a premium streaming platform on the internet that has earned recognition thanks to its good selection of content that includes exclusive productions, Hollywood blockbusters, and award-winning shows. Unfortunately, at the moment, Hulu is restricted to Japan and the United States and only users there can access this service. If you live outside these countries and try to check Hulu’s library, you will be greeted with a message letting you know that the content is not available in your region.

How to access Hulu when you don’t live in the US or Japan? One of the most popular solutions for those outside Japan and the US, who want to unblock Hulu is to use a VPN service. However, Hulu has taken steps to prevent this and has implemented blocks on IP addresses known to belong to VPN providers. Fortunately, there are still VPNs that have managed to bypass the blocks, rotating new IP addresses in order to help users to access content in Hulu.

That being said, since Hulu is determined to crack down on users who try to use the service but who don’t live in Japan and the US, they have also blocked payments from cards with billing addresses outside these countries. While there is a free trial, Hulu is a paid service and unless you have a card issued in the US/Japan, you are likely to experience difficulties while trying to set up a subscription.

A workaround that you can try is to create a US PayPal account, linking a credit card and then using this as a payment method for Hulu. While this method may not be effective in all cases, some users advise having money in the PayPal balance when setting up the subscription as this seem to work. It is important to keep in mind that this would depend on the features available in your country since in some places it is not possible to add money or send payments with PayPal.

If you don’t live in the US or Japan, a VPN can be a practical option to access content in Hulu. The VPNs in our list have implemented technology that makes them less likely to be blocked by Hulu. However, it should be noted that due to the fact that Hulu is targeting VPN IPs and working to prevent access from countries not supported, this solution is not guaranteed to work at all times. It is advisable to take advantage of the free trials that many providers offer before committing to a full subscription. This will allow you to confirm if you can access Hulu without restrictions.

The best VPN Apps to use Hulu from anywhere


NordVPN Unlimted VPNThe NordVPN is based in Panama and those who are concerned about privacy and security will love features like double encryption and Tor over VPN. Although these options can slow down your connection, they are worth considering if you need high protection for your online data.

NordVPN also offers a good option for bypassing geo-restrictions in order to access and stream content. Additionally, they have a convenient free trial that lets you test the service for 7 days. Previously, the testing time was around 3 days. So, now you have a long time test this service. This service takes your security seriously, so your information remains secure with military-grade encryption and many other technologies.


Best VPN to play Huly anywhereGolden Frog is a well-established internet company that offers VyprVPN, a service that provides security and freedom to stream content without barriers. This VPN solution stands out for its unique Chameleon technology, which allows you to bypass blocks effectively.

They have over 700 servers, more than 200,000 IPs covering 50 countries including Japan (Tokyo) and the US, where they have servers in 8 locations such as New York and San Francisco. Their free trial will allow you to test the service for three days. Thus, you could easily watch any episode, movie and serial on Hulu using this VPN service. This company ensures that there’s an intervention of third-party companies. That keeps your information completely safe.


ExpressVPNThe fantastic speeds and excellent software that ExpressVPN offer, make this provider a top service to consider when it comes to streaming. They have servers in 87 servers, including of course Japan and the United States.

ExpressVPN operates from the British Virgin Islands, meaning that it is not subject to strict data retention laws. They don’t keep logs of your activity and they deal with take-down notices internally, keeping your privacy protected. They have a generous 30-day money back guarantee. Before you start with the subscription, you can test this VPN through during the free trials of 7 days. That should help you discuss whether is helps you extensively to meet your expectations. It should able to work for long hours while you use Hulu app through any part of the world.


BlackVPNSecurity and privacy are crucial and BlackVPN is one of the services committed to ensuring that they are protected. They have a variety of plans that will suit different needs so you can easily find an option that is right for you.

Apart from offering high encryption, BlackVPN offers fast performance and convenient pre-configured routers that are ready to run the VPN service. Their customer support is professional and ready to provide extensive information about the service. Definitely, this VPN applications should satisfy your needs while using Hulu application outside US and Japan regions.


TorGuard VPNLast but not least, the TorGuard is known for offering an effective solution to bypass geo-location restrictions thanks to their stealth servers. This technology enables users to avoid Deep Packet Inspection firewalls. They also offer a high level of protection for your data and their plans include the impressive Viscosity software.

TorGuard gives you access to servers in over 50 countries so you can easily access content from multiple websites and platforms across the world. Moreover, this VPN application offers 100% uptime and fast connection. Two things are primarily needed while using applications like Hulu and similar ones. Therefore, you can consider this application too for this purpose.

That ends our list of best VPN Apps for Android devices to run Hulu service from any part of the world. Mostly all services are chargeable, but they worth your money. They let you surf the Internet without leaving your footprints. We highly hope that our readers would find this roundup helpful. Do share your thoughts and feedback. We would love to make our tutorials better.

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  1. I’ve been accessing Hulu and Netflix US with NordVPN. Definitely recommend it. NordVPN allows to change through servers manually, so if one server is full with users, I can change into another one. The speed never drops, I have tested it on speedtest. net.

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