4 Best HyperX Keyboards In 2022: Top Models To Improve Games

If you are looking for high quality and lots of speed, it is time to meet the best HyperX keyboards in 2022. After deep research, we gather some of the best models of HyperX keyboards to improve your gaming experience.

HyperX keyboards are among the favourites of many gamers. It is no coincidence that the brand sponsors more than 20 eSports teams around the world since the designs of these keyboards seek to meet exactly the needs of these users.

HyperX “entered the field” in 2002. At the beginning of the millennium, the brand started producing a line of high-performance memories. Over the years, the manufacturer also entered the markets of memory modules, solid-state drives, flash drives, headsets, mousepads and, of course, HyperX keyboards.

How are the HyperX keyboards?

But what exactly a gamer keyboard needs? Well, first of all, it needs reliability.

You certainly don’t want a command to fail when it’s time to score a goal or when an enemy shoots in your direction or be about to win a race in one your favorite car games The response time of the keys is another crucial point since it interferes directly with the gamer’s performance.

There are also options to avoid Ghosting, which is a kind of “ghost-key”, when the computer does not register a repeated keyboard command from the user. Considering that some keys can be pressed very often in a game, the Ghosting can end up disturbing the performance. Another point very sought by gamers is the macro function, a kind of programming for commands that are repeated frequently.

From the point of view of aesthetics, there are thinner membrane options (the key is actuated by induction of electric current) and the mechanical ones, which are usually more powerful and work with switches under each key. Gamers keyboards also usually have backlighting, which is very nice for night gaming sessions.

If you want to improve your gaming performance with one of the best HyperX keyboards of 2022, it’s time to check out our list. Check it out!

HyperX Alloy Core RGB Keyboard

1. HyperX Alloy Core RGB Keyboard

To start our list, a cheaper option. The HyperX Gamer Alloy Core RGB keyboard works by a membrane, which enables sensitive and agile keys. It has a reinforced plastic structure, great for those looking for greater durability.

The model also has customizable 5-zone RGB backlighting, anti-ghosting technology to avoid unwanted commands in games and connect via USB 2.0 cable.

For users who like to have a drink while playing, the keyboard is resistant to up to 120ml of spilled liquid. Accidents happen and it’s always good to be better protected, right?

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Why is this one of the best HyperX keyboards of 2022?

  • Membrane keypad with responsive, quiet keys
  • Rugged plastic casing
  • Customizable 5-zone RGB backlighting
  • Anti-ghosting technology
  • Resistant to up to 120ml of spilled liquid

You can buy this keyboard on Amazon here.

Hyperx Alloy FPS Rgb Gaming Keyboard Hx-kb1ss2-us

2. Hyperx Alloy FPS Rgb Gaming Keyboard Hx-kb1ss2-us

The HyperX Alloy Fps keyboard has ideal features for high performance in shooting games, not to mention durability. This comes from the ultra-lightweight Kailh Silver Speed mechanical switches, an ultra-fast response technology and the reinforced solid steel frame.

Fans of keyboard brilliance will greatly enjoy the LED illumination exposed on the switches and the possibility of advanced customization with HyperX NGenuity software. This keyboard also features 100% anti-ghosting gaming mode, built-in memory for 3 different user profiles, plus a compact and portable design with a removable cable. Ideal for those who carry their keyboard from one place to another to face challenges outside the home.

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Why is this one of the best HyperX keyboards of 2022?

  • Rugged, solid-steel frame
  • Ultra-responsive mechanical switches
  • Exposed LED illumination on switches and customization software
  • 100% anti-ghosting gaming mode
  • Built-in memory for 3 profiles

You can buy this keyboard on Amazon here.

HyperX Mechanical Gamer Mars RGB Switch Outemu Blue Keyboard

3. HyperX Mechanical Gamer Mars RGB Keyboard

If the previous model stands out for being compact, this Hyperx Mars keyboard goes in the opposite direction. Mars RGB Switch Outemu Blue is a more expensive option. The top plate is in brushed aluminium and the mechanical switches are dustproof, which increases durability. According to the manufacturer, it is up to 50 million keystrokes without loss of quality or responsiveness.

This HyperX mechanical keyboard features customizable RGB backlighting via Genesis software. It also has the N-Key Rollover, which registers each touch individually, even when several keys are pressed simultaneously.

The game mode is 100% anti-ghosting and the Mars RGB has a wrist rest that can be removed when you need more space.

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Why is this one of the best HyperX keyboards of 2022?

  • Brushed aluminium top plate
  • Highly durable mechanical switches
  • Customizable RGB backlighting via software
  • N-Key Rollover allows you to drive multiple keys at the same time
  • 100% anti-ghosting game mode
  • Removable wrist rest

You can buy this keyboard on Amazon here.

HyperX Alloy Origins 60% keyboard

4. HyperX Alloy Origins 60% keyboard

HyperX Alloy Origins keyboard is designed for portability, so much so that its format is compact, with 60% of the size of a more traditional model. If on one hand, this makes the model much easier to be carried in the backpack, on the other hand, the numeric keyboard can be missing to who uses the PC for work or study tasks, besides the games.

The body is made of aircraft aluminum, the keys have RGB lighting with software configuration, removable USB-C cable and 100% anti-ghosting game mode.

One last detail, this HyperX keyboard also has three adjustment angles so that the user has more control. Technology is good, but when it is accompanied by ergonomics is even better.

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Why is this one of the best HyperX keyboards of 2022?

  • Compact size for portability
  • Made of aircraft-grade aluminum
  • HyperX mechanical switches
  • RGB lighting with configuration
  • 100% anti-ghosting gaming mode
  • Three angles of adjustment

You can buy this keyboard on Amazon here.

That ends this list of best HyperX Keyboards In 2022. We hope that our readers will find this list helpful. Make sure to drop your comments below.

What’s your favourite one? Make your comment below.

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