10 Best Free Creative Cloud Suite Alternatives In 2022

If you’re looking for professional graphic design software, the Adobe Suite is the gold standard. Its tools are used by many experts around the world and are known for their power and reliability. Nevertheless, this software suite is unfortunately not within the reach of everyone because of its price. Is there any way to get the Adobe suite for free? Can we find free equivalents on the market? Discover all the paid and free Creative Cloud alternatives, the Adobe suite.

How to get the Adobe suite for free?

Know that it is possible to use the Adobe suite for free and legally. The problem is that this is the trial period offered by Adobe, lasting 7 days.

Apart from that, you will have to count on a certain budget to take advantage of the different Adobe software:

  • For individuals, the package costs €59.99 per month, after the 7-day trial period
  • For SMEs and large companies, the trial period is 14 days, but the price is 83.99 € per month
  • For students and teachers, the trial period is still 7 days but the price is lower: €19.50 per month

With a trial period, you will be able to perform some missions and judge if you need software of this type or not. Nevertheless, in the long term, you need a solution to meet your needs.

10 Best Free Creative Cloud Suite Alternatives In 2022

How do I replace the Adobe suite?

If you don’t feel ready to invest in the Adobe suite, there are free alternatives that can compete with the Creative Cloud Suite. Using these tools is a much better solution than trying to download Adobe software illegally.

However, you have to be aware that there is not really an equivalent set of software. In other words, you will have to go and find one by one software that corresponds to those of the Adobe suite. This is something that can be penalized in terms of compatibility, but it is still interesting from a financial point of view.

We can still note the online solution Canva. Of course, its power does not match that of the Adobe suite or the alternatives we will see next. However, it is a tool on which you will be able to make all the graphic creations possible and imaginable, with templates and an intuitive and simple operation. If you are looking for a solution that centralizes everything, quickly, and you have simple needs, this is a tool to consider.

Free alternatives to Adobe Photoshop

1. GIMP, the open-source image editor

When it comes to image editing software, GIMP is often found in the rankings of the best free alternatives. Indeed, it is an open-source tool, which explains its zero price.

We were talking about the weak point of these alternatives in terms of compatibility, but GIMP is the exception that proves the rule. Indeed, the color management features of GIMP are compatible with two other programs that we will see later: Scribus and Inkscape. This makes it possible to have more homogeneous results on work that is transverse to these programs (a graphic charter, for example).

Anyway, this software is really a reference, even if it doesn’t look like it at first. It is available on Windows, Mac, and Linux, and integrates all the professional features you can expect from graphic design software.


2. Photopea, the online graphic design tool

Photopea is a very interesting alternative. First of all, it is important to understand that this is an online tool. In other words, it is accessible on any device that has a decent web browser.

The tool is very easy to use, just drag an image into your browser when you arrive on the site and you can start editing it. The interface is really reminiscent of Photoshop, so you won’t be lost if you used that software before.

On the left sidebar, you will find all the features of Adobe’s software: lasso, magic wand, cropping, eyedropper, pen, brush, etc… Everything is similar!

This tool is really impressive, we feel that the goal was to reproduce something similar to Photoshop, but accessible to all, free and online.


What free software to replace Illustrator?

3. Inkspace, the free drawing tool

With Inkscape, you can enjoy software as precise as Illustrator for free. Creating icons, logos, and much more is greatly simplified with this tool.

In fact, you can use Inkscape in many cases that require a certain precision, but it is especially the creative aspect that interests us to replace Illustrator.

With this tool, you will be able to create all the illustrations you want in SVG format without any problem. This format is often used in this case (vector format), and it also ensures compatibility with other graphics software. Another interesting point is that if you have started working on something in Illustrator, in “ai” format, you can open it via Inkscape to continue your project.

In terms of functionality, Inkscape totally rivals Adobe’s equivalent solution. In addition, it is open-source software, so it is possible to add extensions to improve its capabilities and creative possibilities.

It should be noted, however, that the switch to Inkscape will be accompanied by a period of adaptation, given that the way it works is different from that of Illustrator or other classic software. Moreover, another weak point, it is not possible to convert colors in CMYK.

Site :

4. Vectr, a free online vector design

Vectr is another alternative illustration software. The particularity of this one is that it is available online.

Its operation is very simple, just go to the site and start creating a file. The interface is simple and efficient. The tool is not as advanced as Illustrator and you have to be aware of that. Nevertheless, you will have access to all the basic functionalities such as the pen, the shape creations, the layers, and the brush.

A little more is the bank of icons and shapes that you will have access to on Vectr. Indeed, there are many elements that you can use to design your creations. It’s all quite simple but it can save you time or help you find inspiration.

Another advantage is the collaboration with other people. If you want one of your colleagues to come to the file to help you, you just have to send him the link available in the tab “settings” on the left toolbar.


Adobe Xd: the free alternatives

5. Figma, the direct competitor of Xd for layout

Figma is gaining more and more important in the minds of designers compared to Adobe Xd. Indeed, it is an all-in-one design platform for website prototyping. When you know that Adobe Xd has become a paid product for some time, it is interesting to consider the power of Figma.

First of all, you have to be aware that it is not 100% free software. Indeed, the software has a free version, but it does not offer all the features and advantages of the various paid versions. It still allows you to manage an unlimited number of personal files, and collaborators, but also to have access to plugins, templates, and even the mobile application. For an agency or a company with higher needs, especially in terms of collaboration, we still recommend the paid plans.

Figma provides everything you would expect from a UI/UX Design tool. You can design pages, prototype them, create design systems and work in teams. Figma is 100% usable on web browsers, which is an asset for such a powerful tool.


6. Framer, easy and fast UI/UX design

Just like Figma, Framer is a paid tool that has a limited free plan. But, the observation is the same as on the previous tool, this version is sufficient for occasional projects which require few collaborative resources.

The free version is a bit lacking in terms of security since you won’t be able to add a password, and in terms of projects, the history will be limited to 1 day.

Nevertheless, you’ll find everything you need in Framer to make great website layouts. It is possible to easily manage the pages and, using intelligent components, prototyped interactions, and previews.


Which free software to replace InDesign?

7. Scribus, the open-source document editor

To replace the powerful document creation tool InDesign, Scribus is a good candidate. It is a French open-source software that works under all operating systems.

The interface is a bit old-fashioned but finally quite simple. It is halfway between what you can find in InDesign and Word. You can create and customize files for professional printing very easily in “WYSIWYG” mode.

It is possible to manage four-color printing, adjust tones, and much more. The software is not more complicated than InDesign to learn, so don’t worry about it.


8. Canva, the free all-in-one tool

As we said earlier in the article, Canva is a bit of a jack-of-all-trades in graphic design software. But, as with everything, software that is not very specialized cannot be ultra-efficient everywhere. In other words, even if you can make any graphic on Canva, the power and level of detail will be lower than what you can get on the Adobe suite.

This does not make it a tool to be left aside, on the contrary! To make a print, Canva has a very interesting potential. It doesn’t allow you to go into as much detail as Scribus or InDesign when it comes to printing parameters, but the graphic customization and the number of templates play in its favor.


What are the free alternatives to After Effects?

9. Blender, the open-source animation software

Blender is a reference among graphic design software. Here, we are interested in its video qualities, but it is also very well known for modeling 3D objects. And, precisely, it is possible to put these qualities at the service of video.

With this open-source tool, you will be able to create visual effects, integrate animated graphics, animation effects, etc… Everything is possible with Blender, you just need to know how to master it. This is precisely the weak point of Blender, it is not easy to learn. Everything is different from After Effects and other animation softwares, but its potential is so great that it is worth taking the time to learn.


10. DaVinci Resolve, the all-in-one video tool

This tool is very special because it is not only an alternative to After Effects but also to Premiere Pro, the video editing software from Adobe. DaVinci Resolve is a combination of everything you can expect from these two programs: editing, graphic animations, visual effects, color grading, and even audio post-production.

It’s a program that is aimed more at professionals, but it can be interesting for beginners because it’s free. In addition, it is compatible with Premiere Pro or Final Cut files.

What’s practical here is that you can manage everything on a single tool. No need to switch to After Effects to create graphic animations when you’re editing.

DaVinci Resolve has a free version, which is already very complete, and a paid version with even more 3D, audio, color grading, and filter tools. It is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems.


Which alternatives to Premiere Pro?

If you are looking for relevant alternatives to Adobe Premiere Pro, don’t hesitate to check our article on the best free video editing software.

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