Best Celebrity Slot Machines

Like them or loathe them, celebrities are always newsworthy. Many people want to follow these people, with their lavish lifestyles and unique jobs. Slot developers seem to have realised the appeal that these people have as there has been an increase in the amount of celebrity-themed slot machines over the past few years – play Irish Eyes slot today.


The concept of celebrity is a funny thing, it is hard to do anything without being bombarded with celebrity news anymore. Many celebrities try to turn their name into a brand in order to capitalize on all the exposure that they are getting in the media. The result is a celebrity slot machine, a game that uses the likenesses of famous people and is endorsed by them.

If you are a fan of a particular celebrity and want to experience a slot machine from their world, then you should try a celebrity slot machine. With all the glitz and glamour that people have come to expect from celebrity royalty, these slots will make you feel like you are walking down a red carpet yourself.

Best Celebrity slots

With so many different celebrities to choose from, there are a load of celebrity-themed slots out there. The following are some of the very best that you can play.

  • Marilyn Monroe – This slot is based around the classic actress, who also serves as the game’s wild symbol. Playtech pays tribute to the actress with this slot, which also offers an alluring bonus feature in the way of free spins.
  • James Dean – Similar to Marilyn Monroe, James Dean died at a young age. In tribute, NextGen Gaming created this slot which manages to keep his spirit alive. As the actor was well known for his racing hobby, the reels are adorned with iconography from racing including glasses and helmets.

Other Famous Themes

Playing celebrity-themed slot games is not the only way for players to experience the glitz and glamour of the rich and famous, there actually are several other themes that offer a similar kind of playing experience.

  • Movie – When people think of celebrities, the chances are that they are thinking about people that they have seen on the big screen. For your celebrity fix, try a movie based slot game. These slots take a famous motion picture and use it as the basis for their theme, with accurate sound effects and visuals alongside it!
  • Music – Specific bands and musicians are becoming an increasingly popular basis for slot themes. Typically, these slots will be centered around a certain band and feature iconography and music from their history. The best part about this slot theme is that you don’t necessarily have to be a fan of the band in order to enjoy the game, that is how accessible these kinds of slot themes are for people!

Final Thoughts

It doesn’t matter if you are a fan of celebrities or not with these slots, that is how good they are. With amazing bonus features such as free spins and memorable themes, these celebrity themed slots have an appeal like no other.

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