6 Ideas To Decorate House With LED Lights

Brightening up a room with lights is another crucial thing in interior decoration. Luminous lights can make your house not only beautiful but also can warm up your mood after a depressing day.

LEDs don’t generate UV or IR. In recent year’s, LED technology made the rapid modification. Also, the cost is not sky touching. Their lifespan is much higher than other traditional lights. 

So there are different types of LED lights like LED tube lights, LED downlights, Spotlights, strip lights, ceiling lights, LED batten, bulbs etc. It maybe looks like a challenge to light up your room but it’s not that tough. So here are some awesome ideas to light up your home.

1. Decorate your bedroom with an LED Strip light

 Wall decoration is popular during festival time. From Christmas to Thanksgiving you can out use green, red, yellow etc lights to bring up the festivities mood. You can put CHINT LED LIGHT strip lights on the wall of the bedroom. Put them behind the headboard of the wall to get the three-dimensional effect. There are many ways to design your bedroom with strip lights. Entrench LED strip lights in your bedroom ceiling.

You can stick those lights in the corner of the ceiling or the middle of the ceiling. Why we should apply ceiling strip lights? the light source indirectly elucidates through reflection.

Decorate your ceiling with yellow aesthetic lights to remove the dimness.  Do you love watching TV while lying in bed? Or you have a giant screen there in the bedroom. Try to arrange LED strip lights behind the TV to give your room a warm tone. 

Design your kids bedroom with bright playful lights. Don’t forget to add an LED  lights to their study table.

2. LED spotlights and ceiling lights for your living room

You can arrange your living room with Phoenix tail shaped LED ceiling lights. This light will give your room a gorgeous look. Why not add LED bulbs or lamps to the corner of the room. Do you have a bookshelf in your living room? Design it with LED lights. Peaceful reading time.

 To give your room a larger effect opt for spotlights. In this modern era, people are so much obsessed with light. And why not? There is a painting in your living room? install spotlights over it to showcase its beauty. 

Do you love playing games? Then we can add neon LEDs to the room. Best gaming experience ever!

3. Decorate staircase with lights

Illuminate your staircase with LED Strip Lights. It will make them broader and wider. Use warm colours to give it a grand look. Whether your staircase is made of metal or glass, strip light installation is very easy. Lights installed on the glass staircase creates extra depth. The reflection of light gives it a sophisticated look. 

4. Benefits of kitchen LEDs

For kitchen purposes, you can use LED T5 batten from CHINT LED light. How about embellishing cabinets with tape lights? Or give it a neon light effect.

For the ceiling, go for bright coloured Downlight. It will give a clear look while doing stuff. Use cabinet lights on countertops so while chopping you can save electricity by only using this.

5. Illuminate bathroom with LED lights 

Always use soft and soothing lights for the bathroom. Create a relaxing image with LED lights on the bathtub rim. Use downlights above bathroom mirrors.

 Warm coloured LED bulbs from CHINT LED light ceiling will give an elegant effect. Now you can doze a little in your bathtub. Relaxing right?

6. Fancy outdoor lights

Want to throw a late-night pool party? Install LED strip lights on patio furniture, porches, deck, pathways and roof. Neon lights or warm lights, according to choice just add on. As both will look awesome.

Are you planning a romantic outdoor date? Decorate your trees with tape or strip lights. Light up the pathways to create a luminous view.

We obviously can’t live without lights. Do you know LED lights are eco friendly? They save at least 50% less electricity than traditional light. So opt for LED lights. And dimmer and softer lights can give an aesthetic feel to your soul.

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