4 Famous Payment Methods for Businesses

The rise of famous sites has driven the adoption of digital payment methods. Actually, one of the main consequences of the fast development of online shopping platforms is the huge competition in the market, and successful businesses need to offer fast, secure payment methods for the customers on both mobile and desktop devices.  

As this is the last step in the customer journey, it’s incredibly important for the business to offer an array of safe payment methods, and at the same time business also needs a payment solution which allows it to keep track of payments and invoices. Even, there are invoicing software that can help you businesses to make invoice process easier. In this article, we will cover the most famous payment methods for businesses which are beneficial for both parties. 


There’s no one that hasn’t heard of PayPal. The digital wallet has proven to be synonymous with safe and instant payments, which is beneficial for every online customer. Actually, PayPal it’s known for only collaborating with well-respected businesses present on every major online shopping site and even smaller platforms.

For example, many reputable online casinos have integrated PayPal on their platforms as a payment option in order to make it easier for their users to quickly make deposits and withdrawals. Thanks to PayPal and other options, they are able to function smoothly. Today casino sites offer a variety of entertaining options from poker, roulette, craps, slots and everything in between. For more information about the best reputable online casinos, visit, which offers more details about each platform. 

Merchants leverage on the following advantages – they can instantly receive payments from their customers, PayPal supports over 20 currencies, and they are also integrated with other payment methods. Actually, businesses are able to receive payments from international credit and debit cards.


Stripe has become even more popular among customers online, but it’s especially useful for businesses as a payment processing solution. Moreover, it supports more than over 130 currencies and payment methods.

It has been used by over 10,000 businesses which is another proof that it offers many benefits for both parties. Just like the stripe, there’s another tool called Zintego can be used for sending invoices, tracking expenses and managing payments. Plus, there are different products for different types of businesses, including retailers, e-commerce stores, and start-ups, to name a few. 


Due is famous for its time-tracking option that enables a simple integration in your business with transparent monthly fees. It is also famous for its invoicing solution and time-tracking solution. Their invoicing system integrates with other solutions easily, like PayPal, for example. It also comes with a quote, time-tracker and estimate tool. On the dashboard of Due, you can manage and see all of your payments. They also offer special rates and other benefits for small businesses.

Mobile Wallets

Mobile apps like Google, Apple Pay on also Samsung Pay have gained traction in recent years. Customers are able to store their credit and debit cards and even tickets to shop online and also use them in traditional stores. 

In fact, thanks to near-field communication technology, merchants can integrate Google and Apple Pay in their stores which gives them an opportunity to communicate with the wider audience of users that rely on their mobile apps to make seamlessly purchases online and in brick-and-mortar businesses.

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