3 Ways Construction Tech is Improving Jobsite Productivity and Safety

Innovations in technology are continuing to play their part in improving job site safety. Today, it can also manage the firm’s response to a crisis and the effects of the pandemic.

Technological advances are also aiding the essential workers to be safe by maintaining the covid-responsive behavior. It is also allowing contractors to accumulate data on the job site for taking more informed decisions while improving safety and productivity. There are many helpful tools like, that can boost the overall productivity of construction businesses.

Lasers, Rubber speed bumps, and digital technology for improving quality

With the digital and laser tools being available for some time, low entrance price equipment is making its way to the workforce. New tools are coming up every day for instilling precision and affordability in every arena ranging from laser levels to layout guidance.

As a result, measurements are now more accurate to one-hundredth of a degree or an inch. This, in turn, improves the quality of work while reducing the wastage of materials.

When you equip your workforce with such great tools, it helps them construct better in a reduced time. They can also take a systematic approach for planning renovation and replacement of existing tech with the newer innovations for reducing costs.

Drones for improving speed and precision

Drones are becoming an integral part of construction sites and according to the data of the International Data Corporation, a rising number of the construction business is investing in drones.

With drones, companies can easily monitor the work site while boosting the speed and accuracy of the project. According to experts, usage of drone brings about the swift inspection in areas which is impossible to trace otherwise.

Over the years, the technology involving drones has come a long way and used in marking the global positioning system or the GPS locations for taking infrared images of concrete structures for examining the potential defects. As a result, construction companies are better able to see their projects and plan accordingly for fast adjustment with the pace of the project.

Wearables and rubber speed bumps to enhance safety

Did you know that there are vests used for detecting the body temperature of construction workers? Or boots that can detect and unwanted movements like falls, slips, or trips. Wearable technology has gone so far that the biometric system can also track the heart rate of workers so that management can prevent exhaustion of workers.

Thus, it seems that wearable technology is not only responsible for keeping up the safety levels of the workers but can also enhance their efficiency at work. This technology is becoming an all-pervasive arena in construction job sites due to reduced price points. Moreover, the training and implementation of wearable technology are becoming hassle-free and faster.

When we are talking about safety in construction sites, no one really gives enough importance to the humble rubber speed bumps. Around 3 to 6 inches in height, these rubber structures are known for saving lives for a long.

They have tried means of slowing people down in construction zones for the efficient direction of the traffic.

With the innovation of technology, the modest speed bumps have also come in a new avatar. Today, rubber speed humps are used in place of conventional bumps and they bring about a host of benefits in the process of construction.

In the first place, the installation process is very simple and cheap. They can be directly installed on the road with bolts. Only a single worker can effortlessly maneuver the bumps in the desired place and fix them without any hassle.

There is no need for any additional tool or equipment for fixing it. This implies that the workers will not have to waste any time installing it. Moreover, when the work is done and the job site changes, they can simply move it.

This ease of installation gives these rubber speed bumps the edge for use in most construction zones these days.


With the scope of wearable technology increasing at a fast pace, companies can identify various areas where they can implement these technicalities for improving jobsite excellence and choose the most suitable technology for individual construction needs. Last but not the least, rubber speed bumps are also contributing a lot in construction sites with respect to eco-friendliness, cost-effectiveness, boosted visibility, and high efficiency

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