3 Helpful Tips to Finding the Best Inverter Battery in India

Consumers have very limited information about inverter batteries and often go by either what their friends, family, or relatives are using or go for a battery that’s advertised well. However, even though those batteries might be  in their opinion and a great fit for other people, they might not be so for your home. The reason is simple, your requirement might not be the same as others, and a battery that works best for them might not perform that well for you.

Therefore, choosing an inverter battery that’s the right fit for your home becomes even more important because the wrong battery can reduce the overall performance of your entire backup system. So, how do you choose the right battery for your home power backup system? Well, let’s look at a few points that will help you find the right battery for your home or workplace:

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1. Nature of Power Outage

The kind of power outages you face in your area is one of the most crucial points in choosing a battery. Therefore, you first need to figure out the duration and frequency of power cuts in your area, as both situations call for very specific types of battery to be a part of the backup system. For instance, if you live in an area with long and constant electricity cuts, a powerful battery with a higher Ah rating might be necessary. However, you can also use an online load calculator to better figure out your load requirement. 

2. Type of Battery

Depending on the frequency and duration of power cuts in your area, you need to choose any one of the battery types mentioned below:

  • GEL Batteries: These environment-friendly batteries are an excellent option because they come with zero spillage risks and require Zero maintenance. Additionally, they are best suited for power cuts that last for short durations and are quite frequent. Plus, their GEL technology makes them last 20% longer compared to other batteries in their class.
  • Tubular Batteries: Tubular batteries are great for areas with longer power cuts and can easily run heavy-load equipment such as air conditioners and refrigerators. Plus, they are great at handling high temperatures and are known for their durability, which makes them last anywhere between 3-5 years.
  • Flat-Plate Batteries: Flat-plate batteries are compact size batteries, most suitable for areas with shorter and frequent power cuts, and are a great choice for smaller homes with space constraints.

3. Battery Capacity

Once you have decided the type of battery you want to buy, you need to decide how much backup time you require and how much equipment you want to run off the battery. A battery’s capacity can be defined by its Ah, also known as ampere-hour, and the higher the Ah, the more powerful the battery. So, when you are choosing the best inverter battery in India, the only battery that would fit this spot would be the one that can meet that capacity you are looking for.

So, when it comes to choosing an inverter battery, the saying ‘one size fits all’ isn’t the case, and it all depends on your unique power requirement and situation. Moreover, apart from these 3 factors, a battery’s service life and maintenance costs also play an important role. Therefore, whenever you are out looking for an inverter battery, always keep these things in mind.

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