10 Must-Have Bill Organizer Apps for iPhone

The days of paper checks and billing statements are a thing of the past. Today, bills are conveniently paid online with digital money. And for the modern man it is important to track his finances, manage his bills, save electronic receipts to control the cash flow of income and expenses.

Modern organizer apps help us in all this. In the App Store, you can find quite a few good mobile apps for iOS that allow you to control your profits and expenses in detail, from the smallest details to planning for the future. You can download free and paid, more functional programs.

Let’s consider the best bill organizer app for your accounts on iPhone, which have quite a high rating and will be relevant in the coming year:

1. Prism

A free iOS app that helps you collect and track any bills and makes the process of paying them easier and more comfortable. Here you can always check your balance and set reminders about what and when you need to pay. There are other useful features that will open after installing the app on your iPhone.

2. Mint

An application for tracking personal finances that is also installed for free. It stores all expenses, allowing the user to view the history of their cards, regular or one-time payments and investments at any time. In addition, the program gives recommendations on saving money and planning one’s budget so as not to spend more.

3. Bill Keeper

Another functional free mobile application. It has a simple and clear interface, helps to pay bills on time and track expenses to control them in the future. Shows graphs with statistics, which clearly demonstrates the situation with your finances.

4. BillTracker Lite

An app that notifies the user in advance when a bill due date is approaching, e.g. for gas, electricity or water, making the next payment on a car loan, etc. This allows you to be organized and not miss important payments. The program also does not require a paid subscription.


The application is designed for early planning of financial decisions. It is recommended for zero-based budgeting. Any income received by the user is immediately categorized according to the importance of payment. The program will help everyone handle their money more consciously. There are educational courses on financial literacy. Subscription is paid.

6. Goodbudget

An application for planning your finances, based on a system for allocating your monthly income to certain categories of expenses. All of this is done manually. There are videos and articles to learn how to use this application. The developers offer to use a free or paid version of the program.

7. EveryDollar 

The program is designed for easy budgeting from scratch. All income for the month is entered manually, then you need to categorize items in your budget and enable reminders about timely payment of bills. The paid version allows you to upload your bank account and investment accounts to the program and receive reports on all transactions.

8. Chronicle

The easiest and fastest bill manager in the App Store. The app reminds you to pay bills that are entered once and you don’t have to worry about them anymore. Chronicle also keeps track of your entire payment history. The free version gives you the ability to work with 1-5 invoices. The Pro version gives you access to more features.

9. Empower

The program is designed more for investment planning, but the free app includes features useful for those who want to track their spending. Here you can connect all your accounts and receive notifications of all recent transactions by category.

10. SimplyWise

An organizer app that digitizes and saves your bills and receipts, consolidating and storing them in one place. It also summarizes your bills by month, showing, for example, how much you’ve spent on medical bills in 2023 or how your cell phone costs have increased. The program reminds you of scheduled payments so that they are always made on time.

This way, you can test several organizer apps and choose the most comfortable and easy to manage one to keep your finances under control at all times.

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