Why Motorcycle Speaker? How to Install Motorcycle Speakers?

Motorcycles do not come exactly the way you want, but you can customize them at any time later. When you think of customizing your motorbike, the installation of an audio system may not be the first thing that comes to your consideration. But count me, getting speaker system on the motorcycle, especially fairing speakers, is an excellent thing that would make your rides more groovy!

Although it seems difficult to install a stereo system, initially, if you know the basics and can follow the guidelines, it would not be way too tough for you. In the following writeup, we will brief how to install motorcycle speakers. We will point out some significant factors why you use a motorcycle sound system. We will further show you some alternatives in case you prefer not to install a speaker system on your motorbike.

Why Install a Stereo System on Your Motorcycle?

Before briefing the installation procedure, we will address some issues why you should buy and install a quality motorcycle speaker system.

Enjoyable Rides

Silence is not nice always, especially when it comes to riding through the long highways. The highway stretches will make you feel bored and down-motioned at one stage of your ride. So what is there to get cheered up and energy back?

Amongst the possible ways, listening to music from the motorcycle audio system is worth-mentioning! If you are prone to take long rides often, get a high-performance sound system. The beats will make you refreshed and ready for the next outing!

To amplify the sound so that it doesn’t get mingled with the wind, you may even use a portable sound amplifier, and that would be awesome, trust me!

GPS Navigation

One of the significant but less known (interestingly) benefits of using the motorcycle speakers is their ability to work with GPS!

Are you listening to this for the first time?

It’s not a wonder that motorcycle speakers can help you while using a GPS on your rides. You can connect your smartphone or GPS Navigator to the stereo system through Bluetooth. Doing so will give you relief from looking at the navigation display every few minutes. Your stereo system will tell you the navigational direction, and you can focus on the road, which is not only a great relief but also a risk minimizer.

Stylish Outlook

Using a sound system does give the motorcycle a different look, making it more stylish! Suppose, you are participating in a motorcycle show, the added stereo and the way you installed will make judges consider your tests. This upgrade (installing a sound system) will create extra value for your bike, which will help it be more appealing to the show-judges. To all who see your motorbike, a distinctive speaker might be an additional interest.


With a motorcycle speaker system, you can have some other amazing experiences. For instance, you can use it for outdoor audio entertainment. While doing work on your yard, start on your bike stereo, and continue to do anything from lawn mowing to car washing, whatever you need. Adding a stereo system may increase the resale value of your bike, which is another reason why you should install a motorcycle sound system.

How to Install a Speaker on a Motorcycle? – Step by Step

As you’ve learnt enough about the benefits of using a motorcycle stereo, let’s go for some details on how to install a stereo on a motorcycle. Here we included a step by step shortly briefed guideline.

Step 1

It goes without saying that not all the sound systems will be compatible with every motorcycle. So, it is essential to find the most suitable audio system for your bike. Make sure if the speaker fits with the diversities and styles of your motorcycle and riding.

Check if it is a waterproof motorcycle speaker. For bad weather and long trips, that is a must. Decide if you like a Bluetooth version or wired one. Overall, think, check, and fix things for the most compatibility.

Step 2

We have come to the essential point – Mounting the Speaker. A new stereo system comes with a detailed instruction manual. There you need not much but follow those.

But the problem arises when you buy a second-hand sound system, or the stereo does not have any installation instructions with it for whatever reasons. You should be creative and apply your concerns there so effectively.

First, take some rubber bands or tape. Position your speakers to check if the place is right for it. Secure the speakers temporarily using the tape rubber bands. Play music and check the sound quality and balance. If you find it strong enough even at the wind, confirm the position.

After confirmation, use the included hardware, if any, to attach the stereo permanently with the motorbike. Apply your creativity if you do not have any such added equipment.

Get a tube clamp set, and line through inside with some soft tape. It will not be tough to mount on the handlebars of motorcycles. You can even consider any of the strong adhesives to mount the speakers.

Step 3

It’s time to power the sound system. If it is a Bluetooth speaker system powered by integrated batteries, it would not be a matter of your concern. But if the audio system comes with a pair of speakers that require a power source, that would be a bit more challenging. In that case, you can source that power from the motorcycle battery using a wire.

Step 4

It is the final step. Check if the power sourcing is okay, and the wire is working correctly. Make sure you’ve got the full access and control over the installed system.

Alternative to Installing a Motorcycle Speaker

Silently riding around the town is not as thrilling as riding with the music from an audio system. But not always, you would enjoy listening to music mingled with the wind. Sometimes, you will feel having the beats inside your ears!

What else are there to meet up your demand?

A motorcycle bluetooth headset or a helmet with bluetooth speakers are the most effective alternatives to a motorcycle speaker. They have a lot more applications compared to a stereo or audio system.

But bluetooth headphones or helmets have some risks associated with them too. You might get distracted from your riding concentration, which will make you a bit more prone to accidents. So, you should be more careful when you use any of them instead of a stereo system.

Concluding Remarks A motorcycle speaker system is an excellent source of enjoyment for motorcycles, regardless of their types and trips you make. But get the most compatible one, and install it accurately – this is all you need.

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