The best ideas for entertaining leisure time

What are your plans for the week of the weekend? Of course, this time can be devoted to travelling between the bedroom and the kitchen. However, it is straightforward to get used to such a lazy lifestyle, but it will be challenging to give it up. We suggest you devote this unplanned mini-vacation to intellectual, cultural and professional self-development. 

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The world on the big screen

Do you have a list of movies you’ve been putting off? Now is the time to start watching these movies. To fully immerse yourself in virtual worlds and feel the main character’s emotions, you should get a modern TV with an optimal diagonal screen. 

If you haven’t made the list yet, relax! We’ll recommend trending movies worthy of your attention. 

  • Fans of comic books and superhero movies will surely enjoy “The Joker,” which tells the story of the rise of the most famous villain of the DC Comics fantasy universe. The grim psychological drama earned the highest marks from critics and won two prestigious Academy Awards. 
  • One of the best war films of recent years should be called the movie “1917”. It tells about the events of World War I without pathos and ostentatious heroism. Its main feature – was brilliant camerawork, which allowed it to do away with a minimum number of glues during editing. 
  • Want to choose a movie for a relaxing vacation? Then watch “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” by Quentin Tarantino. Carefully selected scenery, excellent acting and unhurried narration will immerse you in the unique atmosphere of the 1970s.

If you prefer long storylines with the gradual development of events and unexpected turns, you should pay attention to popular TV series of recent years. 

What kind of series to choose? 

  • Adult audiences will be suitable for the legendary “Game of Thrones”, which combines the intricacies of the plot with spectacular special effects. 
  • If you have already watched the last season of Game of Thrones, pay attention to “The Witcher” – its events also unfold in a dark fantasy universe. 
  • To watch with children will be suitable for “Very Strange Things” with its mystical but harmless enough story. 
  • Sci-fi fans will love “Mandalorian”, filling many gaps in the “Star Wars” universe. 
  • And for comedy fans, a great option will be “The Big Bang Theory”, the shooting of which ended in 2019.

Modern technology greatly simplifies access to movies and series. Buying disks and tedious downloading of files is a thing of the past. Today, you only need to connect to one of the famous online movie theaters like Netflix. You’ll need a computer, Smart TV or media set-top box.

Virtual Tour

Mass culture has sidelined traditional attractions. People started visiting movie theaters more often than art exhibitions and taking pictures against a beautiful backdrop more often than exploring the expositions of famous museums. Noticing this trend, Google specialists joined forces with the world’s leading cultural figures. In 2011, they presented a project allowing you to visit famous exhibitions online. Over time, thousands of institutions located in different parts of the world joined the project.

So, grab your laptop and make yourself comfortable – it is unlikely that you will be able to tear yourself away from the fascinating virtual journey quickly. 

  • The virtual journey will only be done with the French Louvre. It contains more than 350 thousand works of art – from the ancient Egyptian period to the work of authors of the XXI century. The main advantage of its site – is a carefully thought-out catalogue with a search by name, time frame, museum halls and even the technique of execution. You will find many links to web pages devoted to individual expositions there. You can access audio and video, high-resolution photographs and three-dimensional panoramas.
  • Antiquity lovers will be interested in virtual tours of the British Museum of History and Archaeology halls. Its collection has more than 3.5 million exhibits. The site offers an advanced search service. You can select items of interest in time of manufacture, materials, forms belonging to specific fields of knowledge and ethnic groups. The museum allows you to request permission to use images and videos in scientific papers online. So, the time has come if you have long dreamed of your publication in a famous journal.

Develop and have fun

If you want to learn a new profession, you have a unique opportunity. You can listen to an introductory course of lectures and plan for the future. To do this, you should acquire a convenient working tool. The optimal choice will be a compact monobloc – a desktop computer with a screen in the same housing as the other components. Most of these devices have built-in cameras that facilitate connection to web conferences.

But what profession should you choose? If you have an aptitude for drawing, you can learn the specialty of graphic design, which is very much in demand in our digital age. People with a rich vocabulary and the ability to store information in their heads can become copywriters. And the most attentive and diligent will quickly master the profession of SEO manager or a specialist in contextual advertising. And where without programming? Experienced developers recommend starting with relatively simple and understandable languages – including Python, Ruby, JavaScript and Swift.

Of course, you can’t devote 100% of your free time to work and study – it will negatively affect your health and productivity. You can spend part of your vacation immersing yourself in the virtual worlds of video games. It will help if you have a powerful gamer computer that can smoothly reproduce 3D graphics to do this. An excellent alternative to such a “machine” is a compact, easy-to-use, simple-to-master game console.

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