Lightbox — an effective means of attracting customers

Shopping and exhibition centres are a kaleidoscope of advertising tools: posters, billboards, banners, stretchers, posters and signs. All of them create a colourful environment for the consumer. Among this variety stand out lightboxes, which are one of the most effective types of advertising. They make interior design sparkling and attract the attention of visitors and potential buyers.

What is a light box?

A lightbox is a metal box with a special front panel that allows light to pass through. Internal illumination makes such an advertising medium particularly effective. It can be found in places of the greatest concentration of people. For example, at exhibitions, promotional events, in shopping centres, congress halls, shops, hotels, restaurants and so on.

Effectiveness of light boxes for different types of businesses

Light boxes are a versatile type of advertising that is suitable for use by a variety of businesses. Among them:

  • Catering establishments: restaurants, bars, canteens, cafes;
  • shopping and entertainment centres and complexes;
  • cinemas;
  • shops of various profiles, including cosmetics and boutiques;
  • hotels and hostels;
  • travel companies;
  • estate agencies;
  • laundries, dry cleaners;
  • banks and other financial institutions;
  • beauty salons and others.

However, lightboxes may be ineffective for manufacturing companies and organisations that do not require light advertising.

Cost of lightboxes

Determining the average cost of a lightbox depends on various factors such as materials used, type of backlighting, type of construction, size and manufacturer’s pricing policy. Shaped and dynamic lightboxes are usually more expensive than standard lightboxes.

How to attract the attention of the target audience?

To make a lightbox an effective outdoor advertising tool, there are several important points to consider:

  • determine the format of the lightbox and its location. It is important to place the advert where more potential clients or customers will see it;
  • decide whether you need a sign, signpost or a luminous information stand;
  • choose the type of lightbox, its size;
  • pay maximum attention to the design of the lightbox, entrusting its development to professionals. Clearly define what you want to say to your target audience. For example, when creating signage for a grocery shop, use bright colours and product imagery, avoiding confusion by using formal fonts and colours that may be associated with other shops;
  • promote your business’s branded logo. Place it on a lightbox or order an appropriately shaped box to increase brand recognition;
  • pay attention to the text, especially if it is a banner advert. Use minimum text with maximum meaning.

If you take into account all the nuances lightbox will become an effective and multifunctional means of attracting the attention of customers to your brand.

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