Decorating a chest of drawers – 3 tips on how to do it well

Decorating the interior is a difficult task But, decorating one furniture is even more difficult sometimes. Dressers are very functional, practical and one of the most versatile furniture out there. They can be a great complement to the whole decor, but they should also be a little bit decorated, so that they do not look empty. But, how to do it well? How not to overdo it? Here, we will explain you some of the simplest rules and tips on how to do it, so that everything is just fine and well-done!

The rule of three layers

There are many unwitten rules when it comes to arannging interiors and decorating it. Nothing is different when you want to decorate a dresser. Everyone has their own opinion and ways on how to do it. But, as we mentioned above, here we will show you some of the easiest ways to do it right. Thanks to that, you will save yourself lots of nerves, time and money, too! But, what is exactly the thing that we call ‘the rule of three layers’? This is nothing but a way that you are decorating your cabinet. There are three layers of putting and ordering things. We will explain each of them, one by one, below.

First layer

First layer is characterised by putting basic things like boxes, books, baskets or bowls for little things. Put them along the chest of drawers. Thanks to that, you will have lots of space left for other layers and their stuff.

Second layer

This layer has been made for quite bigger and taller things like candlesticks or vases. Put them right on a first layer, but do not forget to keep tha harmony of the style and composition. The balance is the key here. Also, remember about keeping the appropiate distance between the decorations;

Third layer

And the last, but definitely not least, layer is for adding some dynamics to the whole composition. You can go for flowers in tall vases, flowers in pots, pictures in frameworks or candlesticks. Try to choose the things that will not suppress the whole.

Colours and textures

Colours are very important when it come to arranging and decorating. You should go for decorations and additions that are of the same, or a very similar colour as the commode’s and the whole interior’s colour and style. You can go for simple, common and toned colours, or you can go for bright and crazy ones. What is important here, is that you should keep the harmony, uniformity and cohesion.

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When it comes to textures, they are also extremely important while decorating the dresser. There is nothing wrong with mixing some of the materials together like glass, metal, wood or fabrics. You can actually get a very interesting and original type of style.

Lightning of the chest of drawers

A valid part of decorating a cabinet is its lightning. A well-matched lightning can be a great complement to the whole decoration of the furniture. Depending on what you like, and on the style of the commode, there are many of them available on the market.

These tips are very easy to make them come true. You do not even have to spend lots of time on money on that. You can even choose the things that you already have and put them on a dresser in a right way. Things like that do matter a lot and you can change the way your interior feels with little changes like that. Check these tips out and let us know what you think!

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