3 Best Tools of Android Data Recovery for Mac [with Steps]

In today’s digital age, losing data from your Android device can be not just inconvenient but very crushing, whether it is due to accidental deletion, system failure, or other reasons. Especially for Mac users, recovering data from Android phones is a big hassle. Fortunately, with the advent of many advanced tools, Android data recovery for Mac has become more convenient and efficient.

In this article, we will walk you through the 3 best Android data recovery tools for Mac with efficiency, versatility, and user-friendliness. We’ll also provide a detailed step-by-step guide for one recommended software option, ensuring that you can recover your lost data effortlessly. Let’s get started now and achieve Android data recovery for Mac.

3 Recommended Android Data Recovery Apps on Mac

When it comes to choosing the most suitable Android recovery app, it’s important to take into account aspects such as supported file formats, functionality, ease of use, etc. These factors will play an important role in determining which tool is the best fit for your data recovery needs. Now, let’s explore the 3 recommended products in detail.

1. FonePaw Android Data Recovery

FonePaw Android Data Recovery is a comprehensive and free software solution that specializes in Android data recovery. With its extensive file format support, multiple recovery modes, intuitive interface, and the ability to preview data before recovery, FonePaw helps you simplify the data recovery process to get deleted files back to your Android devices with ease.

Key Features of FonePaw Android Data Recovery:

  • Comprehensive Data Recovery – Capable of recovering over 100 data types including text messages, photos, videos, contacts, music, WhatsApp data, audio, call logs, documents, attachments, HTML files, etc.
  • Versatile Recovery Modes – Provides flexible recovery solutions whether the data is lost from the device’s internal storage, an SD card, or a SIM card, ensuring that users have a high chance of recovery regardless of where their data was stored.
  • Selective Recovery – Allow users to preview recoverable data before proceeding with the recovery, enhancing the accuracy and efficiency of the recovery process.
  • Free Scanning Options –  You can perform a quick scan for a faster recovery or a deep scan for a more thorough search of lost data, depending on your needs,
  • High Device Compatibility – FonePaw is fully compatible with a wide range of Android devices from various manufacturers like Samsung, Sony, LG, HTC, Motorola, Huawei, Google Phone, Xiaomi, ZTE, and more. 

2. Disk Drill

Disk Drill is a comprehensive Android data recovery software designed for Mac users. It stands out with its advanced algorithms that enable recovery from both internal memory and SD cards, particularly for rooted devices. It can easily complete Android data recovery of all types of data, including contacts, call logs, messages, and multimedia files. Compatible with a wide range of Android devices and file types, Disk Drill is an excellent tool for all data loss scenarios.


  • Recovers various data types from text to multimedia
  • Free scanning and preview of files
  • Offers both quick and deep scan options
  • Capable of recovering files from internal memory and SD cards
  • Features like Recovery Vault provide added data security


  • Cannot selectively scan files by type; partition selection can be unclear
  • Manual rooting is necessary without program guidelines
  • Requires full access permissions on Android
  • The software is relatively expensive
  • Only works on macOS for Android data recovery

3. iMobie PhoneRescue

iMobie PhoneRescue for Android is a versatile data recovery software for Android data recovery on Mac. Known for its ability to handle a wide range of data loss scenarios and high recovery rate, it is widely used by lots of Android users to recover their phones. This software can save a wide range of file types directly back to Android devices, including contacts, messages, photos, videos, and app data. It also supports both quick and deep scanning options for selective recovery. Working for both rooted and unrooted devices, iMobie PhoneRescue offers great flexibility in recovery options.


  • Supports quick and deep scans
  • Save data directly to Android devices
  • Capable of rooting Android within the software itself
  • Allows for free scanning and file finding
  • High success rate, even from damaged devices


  • May not find all deleted files, even with deep scanning
  • Requires full data access permission for installed apps
  • Rooting is necessary for deep scanning

How to Achieve Android Data Recovery for Mac

While each of the 3 tools we’ve discussed has its unique features, FonePaw Android Data Recovery is the best Android data recovery software among them. Its combination of stability and comprehensive recovery options for a wide range of Android data types sets it apart from Disk Drill and iMobie PhoneRescue, which can be more complex in their rooting processes and less consistent in recovery.

Next, let’s dive into how to utilize our top pick, FonePaw, for effective data recovery on a Mac. Follow the the guide-to-guide steps below:

Step 1. Launch FonePaw and Enable Debugging

Download and install FonePaw Android Data Recovery on your Mac computer. Launch it, connect your Android device to your computer with a USB cable, and then follow the on-screen instructions to enable USB debugging.

Step 2. Choose File Types 

Choose the file types you wish to recover from your device, such as contacts, gallery, etc., and then click the “Next” button to proceed.

Step 3. Authorize and Scan

The software will prompt you to install the FonePaw app on your Android device to allow file access.

After installing the FonePaw app, you can simply tap “Allow” to give it the necessary permissions for accessing your Android data, and then select “Scan Authorized Files”. 

Step 4. Preview and Recover

The software offers both standard and deep scan modes, with deep scanning requiring rooted devices. Once scanning is complete, you can preview and select the desired files for recovery.


In conclusion, we’ve explored the top 3 solutions for Android data recovery for Mac, highlighting their key features, pros, and cons. FonePaw Android Data Recovery stands out for its user-friendliness, wide range of recoverable data types, and efficient recovery process. Considering all the powerful features and ease of use, FonePaw Android Data Recovery is highly recommended for those looking to retrieve lost data from their Android devices. Let’s begin your data recovery journey with FonePaw Android Data Recovery now!

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