20 Plus Microblogging Sites (Including Top Sites And Favorites)

As Wikipedia.org article says in, may 2007 111 microblogging sites were counted so in August 2009 this number must have been grown, and I think now more than 250 microblogging sites should be in existence.

I have my accounts on many microblogging sites and some of the microblogging sites are top and a few of them are my favorite.

Microblogging sites are a perfect time saver, Wasting our Time on Facebook and MySpace like sites, using Twitter for me always make sense.

Today I am going to share more than 20 microblogging sites list.

1) Twitter: (Top site+my favorite)

Twitter is top microblogging site, hardly anyone would be who does not has to listen to Twitter.

2) Friendfeed: (Top site+my favorite)

Friendfeed is feature rich microblogging site, which recently acquired by Facebook, so it’s future is now unclear. Still, I like this website

3) Plurk: (Top site+my favorite)

Plurk is a social journal of your life, if you do not use the internet only for the business purpose you will like it.

4) Tumblr: (Top site+my favorite)

Tumblr is basically microblogging site but now it is well known as a blogging site.

5) Identi.ca: (Top site)

Identi.ca is laconi.ca based microblogging site, it is very similar to Twitter in features and simplicity.

6) Brightkight: (Top site)

People, place, and friends

7) Jaiku:

Jaiku is a microblogging service by Google.

8) Utterly:

Another good microblogging service share picture, music, and text with friends.

9) Koornk:

This is a good one, I can say, it sends your updates on the web very fastly.

10) Youare:

Your real life, your people.

11) Qaiku: (Favorite)

Another lovely micro blogging site.

12) Meemi: (Favorite)

One of the easiest way to share thoughts, links, images, videos on the web with friends.

12) Secondbrain:

Share save discover great bookmarks.

13) Mixin:

Tell the world what should you do next?

14) Rememble:

Write your story from where you are!

15) Watwet:

Follow the news of people and broadcast your news to the people.

16) Adocu:

A nano-blogging service where you can send updates in one word, read here separate post.

17) Sweetter:

Open source and fun microblogging service.

18) Floort:

We know what you are thinking.

19) Cromple:

Cromple is the easiest way to keep all your friends updated in one place!

20) Microblogr:

A kind of microblogging social network.

21) Bloggino:

Group blogging around a topic you defined.

22) Hictu:

Another small microblogging service.

23) Plerb:

Start microblogging.

That ends our list of best micro-blogging websites for backlinks and visibility.