10 Tips to Land in a Freelance Transcription Job

Freelance transcription jobs are one of the most flexible job options to purse from home. Many housewives and househusbands are making money through this. And, if you want, you can too! First freelance transcription means you are translating the audio into text format. Yeah… you have to go through audio supplied by your client and then type what you listen. Commonly there are general, medical, and professional transcriptions works that are easy fetch in the market. 

Doesn’t it sound easy? Well… Freelance transcription jobs are easy, but after a time when you understood to manage your work correctly. No doubt, this takes time and some guidance. 

So, you arrange your time and read beneath the article for guidance!  

A good Freelance transcriptionist!

A good freelance transcriptionist could be a person who knows to work efficiently and timely. Plus, he/she is self-disciplined for their work as they are working independently. No one else is going to help them but themselves! 

Many are already like this, some tiring to be, and some planning to be. You will grow one day undoubtedly! But what you need to grow as a good freelance transcriptionist is some intact strategy to follow to gain the market ASAP. That’s what is article is here for today! 

So, quickly brief out the top 10 tips to excel at freelance transcription jobs. 

Take inspiration from professional profiles

If you are new, it’s hard to plan anything. Hence start with checking out for a bunch of professional profiles. This will help you what to do and suggest many ideas to include something unique that they don’t have but can incorporate. 

Here’s a trick you can follow- follow all your ideals through a secret personal account but on a professional account, follow your potential clients. Take inspiration from a personal account and apply it to your professional account. 

Social presence! 

The above point is actually for this point only. Freelance transcription jobs demand consistency and activeness! The moment you miss out that you lose your clients! Managing different accounts on different platforms is a heck of a job. Obviously! You can’t get through that easy! 

Do it consistently but in a limit. Don’t go for “too much”. You will get in the eye of authorities. They may take you as a threat and even ban you. Go steadily!

An extra tint of advice for social media – There were old times where your professional account looks like your business Boucher. Do not try it now. Just don’t! Time has changed to learn and try to engage people. Post your daily life pictures and memes to bond people. 

Know yourself

Initially… we agree for anything. You do not even push yourself to think big. Take the first job that you have, and let go the best of you could have. Could you imagine how it will end up? Not too good! It’s just sometimes you may disagree with the contract like for online transcribing – that’s just cruel. Or you may not like to write police reports, or any accent is way beyond your reach. Just leave it, and don’t harass yourself. 

I will suggest going with your gut feeling.  

Prepare resume style too

10 Tips to Land in a Freelance Transcription Job

Do not put everything on your resume to induce more clients. Better put what you can, and you want to do! Limit your resume to your preferred style.  

Know the needs of the company 

Find a way to know what your employer is expecting from you while giving orders. Keenly read the details to figure out what factor they care about most – speed, time is given, typing, amount, experience, and transcription type.  

Self- reliant! 

Working from home sounds easy and comfy, but it also comes at a price. While completing freelance transcription jobs, you cannot be dependent on anyone else to give you resources. Ensure you have good internet, good software, a headset, and a foot pedal. Be self-sufficient and attentive. 

Application tracking system

This is an essential system for you in freelancing. It’s not a new invention, of course! But better take time to absorb everything about these systems. As you will gonna relay your business on it. Better be careful. 

And yes… do not forget to hit the save button. It turns into a nightmare when you lose your hours of effort in seconds. Better save your every application data on those systems. 

Understand investing

10 Tips to Land in a Freelance Transcription Job

For being a transcriptionist- your prior investments go on a good computer, headphones, and internet. Besides that, you will need some more funds for later updating like for software licenses, transcription management systems. 

Commonly, a client is required to cover you’re all costs involved take a note on that point in the contract too.

But always have a backup!

Proofread your applications and resume

Make sure you are updating your resumes and applications (saved copies). It’s an essential thing to do but worth enough to put a reminder for it. 

As you are not gonna, need some big changes, but little one like date of summation, titles, and employers will vary from contract to contract. Proofread resumes to remove grammar, spelling, or info errors. Double-check it before hitting submits. 

Stay positive

Freelance transcription jobs take a lot of hard work and effort, but it pays off steadily. Face it, fella! It’s a long way to go. And being positive through it is critical. 

Yeah! Giving all information in detail on the profile, but still, if some ask you the same questions… it just gets onto a nerve. And, naturally, you may reply in a way that will look negative or unpleasing. Been there!

Poof! You might even lose order and gonna regret it later. Better take a nice deep breath and answer with patience and positivity. 

Now, what’s the negative reply? Let’s see- if anyone asked what you don’t like about your work. I will suggest you do not use words like “hate” or “couldn’t stand”. Keep it as positive as possible.  

Quick tip– Read books on a good attitude and happiness! It will keep you fresh and inspired all day. 

You can ace at freelance transcription jobs!

For winding up, I will say stay motivated and active to achieve new employers quickly. Use the internet to learn more and grow more. Best luck! 

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