5 Reasons Why Baal Makes a Great Addition to Your Team

Roleplaying games have been around for decades. It began with instructional booklets, cards, and a book collection before it moved to online computer games. Genshin Impact has made a lot of noise in the gaming community in the past two years. The game is widely accessible and playable on most platforms.

Genshin Impact is a fantasy role-playing game wherein you can build a team. Probably one of the most unique things about its gameplay is that you can interchange with any character from your team. You can be strong on the defense or increase the team’s strength.

One of the most notable playable characters is Genshin Impact Baal. This deity rules over Inazuma, one of the seven nations in Teyvat. Baal is a rare character that appears in the game. She can be a strong team leader and player. Read on to learn why you need Baal in your Genshin Impact team!

1. Baal is a limited character

From September 1 to September 21, 2021, the Baal banner became available to every player for only 21 days. The fact that she’s only available for only a limited time means she is a powerful character. Some players know Baal as the Raiden Shogun, a playable Electro character controlled by Raiden Ei.

There is no news yet whether her banner will be released again soon. Additionally, it’s difficult to obtain Baal unless her banner becomes available again. Unfortunately, some players were unhappy with the addition of the Inazuma leader. Some say it’s because her attacks do not seem to affect other characters. But still, it cannot be denied that this Electro Archon has powerful Energy Recharge and Elemental Burst.

Though unnecessary, you can also collect Baal’s constellations. The constellations will not boost her skills. But instead, help her in attacking her opponents. These constellations are Ominous Inscription, Steelbreaker, Shinkage Bygones, Pledge of Propriety, Shogun’s Descent, and Wishbearer. You can also consider collecting these constellations just for fun!

2. She is the ruler of Inazuma

Just four kilometers away from the Liyue Harbor lies the great nation of Inazuma. Known for its staunch worship for Raiden Shogun, Baal reigns supreme in this country. Inazuma is known for its isolation. When the Sakoku Decree was declared, people needed special passes to go in and out of the country.

There are several notable places within Inazuma. Such as Narukami Island, the most populated area in the country. Meanwhile, the largest shrine is located at the Grand Narukami Shrine in Mt. Yogou.

The country of Inazuma is rich in Ascension Materials. Uniquely enough, the likes Vajrada Amethyst Silver, Storm Beads, certain Handguards, and the all-important Amakumo Fruit are all the items Baal will need if she should ascend. Now, isn’t that amazing or what?

3. Her powers are useful for combat

Games are always difficult in the beginning until you get the hang of it. Just like Baal, her capabilities as a character might seem a little complicated at first. However, they become easier to understand.

To level up her Normal Attack, you have to max out both her Elemental Burst and Elemental Skill. Once you do this, you can hit your opponent with five consecutive spear strikes. With her Elemental Burst, you can unleash Musou Shinetsu to deal with the opponent’s AoE Electro DMG. She can also grant party members with the Eye of Storm Judgment to increase their Elemental Burst DMG.

Baal’s passive skills are also incredibly useful. She gains two resolve attacks whenever party members gain Elemental Orbs. Her Electro DMG Bonus will also increase for every 1% above every full recharge. There’s probably nothing much cooler than that!

4. You can equip her with amazing weapons

Weapons are useless unless the user is skilled. Luckily, Baal is talented and flexible. You can give her a build that works best.  She can also be equipped with amazing and powerful weapons.

The recommended build for the Inazuma leader is by equipping her with Engulfing Lightning, The Catch, Primordial Jade-Winged Spear, and Prototype Starglitter. These weapons offer a great balance between DMG and support.

A strong DPS is needed to make sure that you can run Baal for support. You can start by equipping her with Staff of Homa, Lithic Spear, and Deathmatch. These weapons do not create much damage, but it’s still more powerful than others.

It’s highly suggested to make Baal your main DPS. That way, she can deal with damages better than her team. To increase her Elemental Burst, you can equip her with Engulf Lightning, Prototype Starglitter, Deathmatch, and Vortex Vanquisher.

5. Baal can also create massive damages

Some players are unhappy with Baal’s addition. But even though there’s protest regarding her character, there is no doubt that she is one to watch out for.

Baal is already a strong character. She is probably one of the most formidable characters in Genshin Impact. Adding the fact that she also makes an amazing main DPS. It’s not impossible to put her as support, but she is still powerful despite that.

Her combat talents can create massive damages against the opponent. It will benefit your team by a mile if she is properly equipped with the right weapons. Just these alone could create massive damages to your opponent. Once you understand her skills and abilities, Baal will be an unstoppable force in the game. Not only that, the whole team gets their share of benefits once she grants her members Elemental Burst DMG.


It’s only been a few years since Genshin Impact’s massive release. Avid players have been waiting for every update that can affect their gameplay. Like everything else in life, you either win some or lose some. The addition of a new character should not distract you from your goal. Sure, it can make or break the team you worked hard to create. But that doesn’t mean you should not try anymore.

If you are curious and wish to start playing Genshin Impact, visit for more news and updates. Have fun on your journey to Teyvat, Traveler!

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